Saki Gears up for Cutting-Edge Inspection Innovation

Automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment leader Saki Corporation will be flexing its unique range of automated inspection solutions at the IPC APEX Expo 202 in Anaheim, California. Particularly, the company will highlight its AOI and X-ray automated inspection system (AXI).

Recently, Saki noted increasing demand for its advanced total solutions for in-line automated inspection for SMT processes in the U.S. market. Thus, this has further strengthened Saki’s strategic focus and commitment to the Americas region.

Moreover, Saki will demonstrate a significant expansion of the sales representatives’ network and technical sales support infrastructures at the IPC APEX Expo from April 9 to 11.

Machine Solutions

Furthermore, visitors to booth #1642 will discover the high-speed, high-precision automated inspection capability of Saki’s latest hardware and software. The Saki technology team will present the company’s latest equipment lineup for high-speed, high-precision AOI and AXI in-line inspection.

In AXI, the 3Xi-M110 has the industry’s fastest automated X-ray inspection solution. On the other hand, the 3Di-LS3 offers advanced AOI with a dome lighting feature and on-site camera module upgrade.

In the SPI / AOI category, the 3Di-ZS2 fits perfect for AOI inspection of extra-large PCBs. Particularly, featuring Saki’s rigid gantry and innovative Z-axis optical head control for improved accuracy. Saki’s 3D-SPI and AOI systems share a single hardware and software architecture, allowing for complete compatibility. Furthermore, interactive 3Di-ZS2 demonstrations at the booth will demonstrate the power of a streamlined operation.

Software Suite

In addition to its machine solutions, Saki will also present its versatile software suite which works with the equipment to form a total solution for quality inspection. They include the QD Analyzer, Saki’s powerful SPC system, and a BF2-Monitor for offline reviews. Also, a Multi Process View (MPV) demo station will present Saki’s software strength that greatly improves process troubleshooting and determines root causes.

Most importantly, these innovations will help clients increase automation to solve labor & resourcing issues and tackle skills shortages. At the same time, it will also improve productivity and achieve greater manufacturing quality and efficiency.

Saki will also present as reference exhibit the One Programming function Software system. Particularly, it suits batch operation and centralized management of SPI, AOI, and AXI on a line-by-line basis. Moreover, the AI Solutions will also be at the Saki booth for reference exhibit. Specifically, it is an introduction to Saki’s unique integration of AI functionality.

“The Americas’ manufacturing industry is of prime importance to Saki. We are expanding our specialist and dedicated team focused on delivering our world-class inspection solutions with world-class expertise and support,” said Craig Brown, General Manager, North America of Saki America. “We look forward to welcoming visitors to our booth in Anaheim to discuss all the latest developments in our equipment and software range.”

-15 March 2024-