Fasford Zeroes in on General-Purpose Die Bonder for China

At SEMICON China 2024, Fasford Technology Co., Ltd. displayed its exhibits at the booth of its distributor, Jipal Corporation. Fasford aims to expand its business in the Chinese market by proposing high-performance die bonder used in the back-end process.

Fasford Technology exhibited at the Jipal Corporation booth.

DB820 General-Purpose Die Bonder

This year, the company exhibited the DB820 die bonder, a general-purpose die bonder. Particularly, DB820 has high quality and high stability features. These are based on the DB830plus+ model, which has a strong track record in memory devices market. DB820 is applicable for the production of both memory and logic devices. Also, it supports die bonding of small chips. It promotes stable die handling down to a minimum of 0.3mmsquare.

In addition to the paste process, it can also be produced using the DAF (Die Attach Film) process. Particularly, it supports smaller packages, high-density mounting, and stacked structures. Thus, it achieves bonding accuracy of 15µm. The DB820 was on display at the booth and attracted a lot of attention from visitors.

Hiroyuki Ao, Managing Director, said, “The Chinese market requires general-purpose products rather than products specific for memory devices. Moreover, DB820 applies to the assembly process of CMOS image sensors, in addition to memory and logic, and has been well received by our customers.”

Hiroyuki Ao, Managing Director with the DB820 die bonder

Demand for semiconductor production equipment is increasing in the Chinese market. This resulted from the Chinese government’s policy of domestic self-sufficiency in semiconductors. To this end, Fasford has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries since the end of last year. Further, it expects expansion of demand in the future.

According to Ao, “The Chinese market remained strong even in 2023 amid the sluggish global market. Semiconductor investment in China will continue for the foreseeable future. New Chinese device makers are entering the market, and there are many business opportunities. We aim to expand our business in China in cooperation with our distributors.”

This is an English translation of a Japanese article originally published in Dempa Shimbun Daily.

-16 April 2024-