ABB's New Belgian Site Ranks High in Clean Energy

ABB has opened a new €20 million injection molding manufacturing site at Evergem, near Ghent in Belgium. Accordingly, it aims to meet the growing demand for safe, smart, and sustainable electrification solutions in Europe.

Most importantly, the new plant emulates the latest energy efficiency demands. Specifically, installing new new injection molding machines, digital technologies, and automation solutions.

Mission to Zero Initiative

It replaces an existing facility that joined ABB as part of its acquisition of GE Industrial Solutions in 2018. In addition, the site will produce power distribution enclosures that serve as protective housings for electrical distribution components. This includes circuit breakers, fuses, switches, and meters, ensuring the safe distribution, metering, and control of electricity. Particularly, throughout residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

The new Evergem site is part of ABB’s Mission to Zero™ initiative towards significantly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of ABB sites. At the same time, it aims to support customers to reduce their GHG emissions by providing a decarbonization roadmap that they can implement.

Moreover, the initiative aims to reduce CO2e emissions by more than 6,700 tons and energy consumption by more than 9,400 MWh annually. The measures will likely result in approximately €2.5 million in energy cost reductions annually.

Equipped with energy-efficient machinery, it can yield 10 percent of energy required at the site can generate by 1,330 on-site rooftop solar panels, with the remaining sourced from certified green energy supplies.

Furthermore, LED lighting, electric vehicle (EV) chargers, heat pumps, cooling water circuits, and a new air ventilation plant are also contributing to the energy and carbon emissions reduction.

Leverages ABB Solutions

The Evergem site will continuously monitor and optimize energy usage, leveraging ABB’s digital solutions such as ABB Ability™ Building Analyzer. Specifically, it tracks buildings data and utilities in real-time and provides actionable insights to optimize energy efficiency. This, coupled with the use of green energy and heat pumps, also facilitates the reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Additional digital technologies such as a building management system will be introduced in the coming months to further support the energy efficiency achievement.

“The Mission to Zero™ approach at Evergem is a significant example of our aim to enable a lower-carbon society and of our commitment to accelerating the transition to more sustainable manufacturing,” said Mike Mustapha, President of ABB Electrification’s Smart Buildings division. “This advanced site is designed to fulfil future demand, not just current needs. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes that can optimize efficiency and productivity now and in years to come will provide a training ground and sustainability roadmap for our people and customers. We will continue to combine digital technologies with measures to reduce energy consumption and increase renewable energy sources at Evergem in 2024 and beyond.”

02 May 2024