ST, Geely Gear up for Better BEVs in Latest Deal

STMicroelectronics and Geely Auto Group  have signed a long-term Silicon Carbide (SiC) supply agreement to accelerate their existing cooperation on SiC devices. Accordingly, ST will provide multiple Geely Auto brands with SiC power devices for mid-to-high-end battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Thus, boosting Geely Auto’s NEV transformation strategy with improved performance, faster charging speeds, and extended driving range.

In addition, building on their longstanding cooperation across multiple automotive applications, Geely and ST have established a joint lab to exchange information and explore innovative solutions related to automotive Electronics/Electrical (E/E) architectures (i.e. in-vehicle infotainment, smart cockpit systems), advanced driver assistance (ADAS), and NEVs.

Propels NEV Market

Geely Auto Group has adopted ST’s third generation SiC MOSFET devices in electric traction inverters. The traction inverter is the core of electric powertrains and SiC MOSFETs maximize their efficiency. The combination of advanced inverter design with high-efficiency power semiconductors, like SiC, is the key to superior electric vehicle performance.

“I believe that through the form of innovation joint lab, Geely and ST can deepen our cooperation, achieve mutual benefit, and accelerate the development,” said Li Chuanhai, President of Electronic and Electrical Center of Geely Automotive Central Research Institute.

Furthermore, Fu Zhaohui, Director of the Electronic and Electrical Center of Geely Automotive Central Research Institute, said both sides will deepen long-term cooperation in fields such as smart driving. “I believe this cooperation will be beneficial for both parties to conduct more forward-looking technical research based on the development trends of smart, electrified, and connected cars.”

Meanwhile, Henry Cao, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, China Region, STMicroelectronics said Geely is the best example of automotive innovation in China. “Geely Auto, is a shining example of automotive innovation in China, making rapid progress in car electrification and digitalization. (At the same time), expanding its presence in the global market. This long-term SiC supply agreement and the joint lab establishment mark a significant step forward in our long-established cooperation.”

Geely Auto has sold a total of 1.68 million vehicles in 2023. Of which, NEV sales reaching 480,000 units, accounting for 28% of the Company’s total sales for the year. Most importantly, this NEV sales volume represents a year-over-year increase of 48%. Thus, demonstrating Geely Auto’s successful transition towards NEV and its growing impact in the industry.

Advanced SiC Manufacturing Facility

With a state-of-the-art SiC manufacturing process and a completely vertically integrated supply chain, ST provides SiC devices for a wide range of EV applications. This includes traction inverter, OBC (onboard charger), DC-DC converter, EV charging station and e-compressor application, significantly enhancing the performance, efficiency, and range of NEVs.

In June 2023, ST and Sanan Optoelectronics, a market leader in compound semiconductors in China, announced the creation of a new 200mm SiC device manufacturing JV in Chongqing, China. This facility will better support the needs of Chinese customers as ST collaborates with more leading Chinese carmakers, industrial customers, and solution providers in SiC, to accelerate the pace of electrification in China.

19 June 2024