Latest Desktop Metal Tech to Surge Better Print Times

Desktop Metal has announced that the X25Pro production binder jet 3D printer can now process TurboFuse™ – an intelligent, high-strength binder chemistry. Accordingly, this eliminates a heating step during printing and improves already-fast binder jet 3D print speeds by 50% or more, depending on selected print parameters and material.

TurboFuse is currently available for use on the X25Pro with 316L stainless steel. Hence, will require the purchase of an upgrade kit for existing customers. Moreover, the binder is also compatible with 16 metals and one cermet, with parameter validation now underway.

Now offered on the Desktop Metal X25Pro production metal binder jetting platform, TurboFuse™ is an intelligent, high-strength binder that eliminates a heating step during printing and improves already-fast binder jet 3D print speeds by 50% or more, depending on selected print parameters and material. (Graphic: Business Wire)

New Milestone in Binder Printing

Eaton, an intelligent power management company with six Desktop Metal printers, is currently beta testing TurboFuse on its X25Pro at its Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence, a part of Eaton Research Labs, in Southfield, Mich.

“Using the new binder, we have reduced our print times by nearly 4x from the previous binder system,” said Eric Johnson, Ph.D., Senior Manager — Additive Manufacturing, at Eaton Research Labs. Moreover, Johnson said, “This is a game changer and significantly enhances the affordability of this technology.”

Meanwhile, Ric Fulop, Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal, said the availability of upgrade kits will come in Q3.

“TurboFuse is an intelligent chemistry developed specifically for binder jetting by the world’s most experienced binder jetting team at Desktop Metal,” Fulop said. “By implementing TurboFuse on the X25Pro, we have dramatically improved print speeds of the market’s most popular and trusted production binder jet system and delivered other benefits as well, such as stronger green parts and improved printhead life — all of which reduce operating and per-unit part costs.

“The entire team at Desktop Metal remains as committed as ever to binder jetting as we prepare to showcase significant customer parts produced on the X25Pro in aluminum, silicon carbide and more, at RAPID + TCT in Los Angeles. These parts demonstrate new milestones in binder jetting.”

Innovative Properties for Wide Applications

With the launch of TurboFuse, Desktop Metal now offers the most diverse portfolio of binders for binder jet 3D printing. Accordingly, it will be available in the market under the “Fuse” name. It will process the widest range of metals and ceramics for specific properties and applications. The portfolio now includes TurboFuse, CleanFuse, AquaFuse, PhenolFuse, and FluidFuse.

The X25Pro is a mid-sized production metal binder jet 3D printer with a build volume of 400 x 250 x 250 mm (15.75 x 9.84 x 9.84 in). Furthermore, it comes as part of DM’s X-Series line of metal 3D printers featuring Triple Advanced Compaction Technology (ACT). It has discrete mechanical controls for dispensing, spreading, and compacting ultra-fine powders in binder jetting.

Finally, this feature enables tight parameter control across a wide range of metal and ceramic powder types and size distributions. For more information, visit

21 June 2024