Novel Machine Lifts Vision Measurements to New Heights

Mitutoyo America Corporation has released the Quick Vision Pro Series, the latest generation of Mitutoyo Vision Measurement Systems. This highly advanced non-contact measuring system delivers even more speed, efficiency, and versatility to the Mitutoyo Vision Measurement line.

Accordingly, Quick Vision Pro Series machines come with high-performance technologies. Hence, greatly improving 3D non-contact measurement and productivity.

Quick Vision Pro (Photo Credit: Mitutoyo)

High Throughput, High Precision Measurement

The new QV Pro Series features newly developed StrobeSnap vision measuring function that speeds up run time by approximately 35 to 45 percent regardless of measurement position or continuity while achieving higher throughput and high-precision measurements.

Auto focus on Mitutoyo‘s QV Pro Series is about 39 percent faster than previous models. Most importantly, the fastest in their class, without loss of accuracy.

An optional Stream function realizes very high throughput using non-stop measurements that synchronizes the main XY unit drive and strobe lighting. Particularly, stream takes images intermittently without stopping the stage and performs batch measurements at the same time. This improves measurement speeds.

Meanwhile, the Optional Tracking Auto Focus (TAF) utilizes a laser tracker that will keep the part in focus while moving the joystick. Hence, eliminating the need to keep manually focusing on the part if it is not flat. When a part program is running, TAF keeps the part in focus. For that reason, the program does not have to stop for auto focus and stops potential errors from occurring if the part is out of focus. TAF cuts speed measurement times by approximately 30 percent. This further improving throughput while maintaining high accuracy.

Furthermore, it is possible to retrofit all the QV Pro Series machines with Stream capability, red, green, blue (RGB) illumination systems, and side-mounted touch probe kits.