Yamaichi Electronics to Surge Capacity with New Plant

Pricon Microelectronics, Inc., a subsidiary of Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd., has completed the construction of its third facility in the Philippines. In fact, the company held a grand opening to welcome the addition of its growing facilities in the country.

Philippine government officials led by Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) Deputy Director General Vivian Santos led the opening ceremony. Moreover, the company also gave its visitors a tour to the new plant and a tree planting as well.

Yamaichi Electronics established Pricon Microelectronics, Inc. in 1985. Specifically, it produces test sockets, burn-in sockets, connectors, flexible printed circuits, and more.

Pricon Microelectronics, Inc. Factory 3

The third factory, which is in Batangas, has a total floor area of 7,065sq.m. Moreover, the company infused 900 million yen of investment for Factory 3.

Meanwhile, the company’s Factory 1, which has floor area of 8,951sq.m, and Factory 2, which has 6,408sq.m, are currently operating in Laguna province.

With the addition of Factory 3, the company expects to increase its production capacity by about 1.5 times higher.

Location of the Factory 1, Factory 2 and Factory 3 factories

Adoption of Advanced Manufacturing Systems

The company sees an expanding global demand for semiconductors. Moreover, it sees the need to respond to diversifying customer needs for connector solutions. For that reason, the company constructed factory 3 to provide a more stable supply of semiconductor test sockets.

The factory 3 has built an integrated production system from parts manufacturing to assembly. Furthermore, it has introduced a traceability system and manufacturing process monitoring system aimed at improving quality.

In addition, the company has also installed labor-saving systems through robotization and assembly in a clean room.

The company has also made sure the new facility follows Zone 4 (seismic intensity 7) of the National Structural Code of the Philippines 2015 (NSCP). Also, the building’s design installation of solar panels on the roof.

In 2022, Yamaichi Electronics announced plans of expanding its Philippine operations after acquiring a parcel of land.

Yamaichi Electronics’ subsidiary aims to establish a stable supply system for semiconductor test sockets. More importantly, this move aims to meet the growing global demand for semiconductors. In addition, it also aims to respond more quickly to diversifying customer needs for automotive, telecommunications, and industrial equipment.

10 May 2024