Mitsubishi's New Laser Diode Chip Suits Data Centers

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has started shipping samples of its 100Gbps (53Gbaud) four-level pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM4) electro-absorption modulator (EML) laser diode chip for coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM).

Optical transceivers for 400Gbps optical fiber communication in data centers will make use as light source the semiconductor diode in sets of four EML chips. Because of EML’s operability in a wider range of temperatures, it will help to lower the power consumption and costs of optical transceivers by eliminating the need for conventional temperature-control units.

Unique Hybrid Waveguide Structure

Unique hybrid waveguide structure (Fig. 1) combines a buried heterostructure laser diode for high optical-output-power and a high-mesa waveguide electro absorption modulator (EAM). This helps achieve high extinction ratio and wide frequency range.

Mitsubishi said the 53Gbaud PAM4 operation is available in temperatures ranging from 5 to 85°C (Fig. 2) due to optimized design parameters for the laser diode and modulator sections.

Reduces Power Consumption, Costs

Operability in a wider-temperature range eliminates the need for chip temperature control units in optical transceivers, thereby reducing both power consumption and costs.

By enabling low-power optical transceivers, helps to reduced power consumption in data centers.