First Cluster Equipment Suits Electronic Devices

Manufacturing equipment manufacturer Samco Inc. started selling this month the cluster equipment Cluster H exclusive to electronic devices.

Electronic devices use a wide variety of materials such as gallium arsenide (GaAs) in addition to silicon. However, no equipment has so far been dedicated to fabrication of electronic devices other than for silicon.

Cluster H cluster equipment

Designed for Etching Process

Originally, the company works and has a track record in the field of non-silicon material processing. For the etching process of electronic device manufacturing, it has developed and brought to market a cluster equipment dedicated to electronic devices.

Cluster H cluster equipment consists of multiple process modules. It can connect a maximum of three chambers for process modules. Among these three, two can be used for vacuum cassette chambers. Compatible wafer board sizes are six inches and eight inches. It supports both etching and ashing processes.

The company is expecting orders from manufacturers of high-frequency filters, gallium nitride-based high-frequency devices, GaAs-based devices, silicon carbide SiC power devices, micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors, among others.