Stäubli Software Lets Robot Programming via PLC

Stäubli has released uniVAL pi software solution that enables robot programming to be implemented in the future via a programmable logic controller (PLC) using plug & play in Siemens TIA portal.

Users can program Stäubli robots safely, quickly and efficiently in their familiar environment, thanks to this optionally available communication interface. They can do this without manufacturer-specific, high-level language knowledge.

The new software enables robot programming using a programmable logic controller.

uniVAL pi is the solution dedicated to Siemens/PI environment from a comprehensive set of plug-and-play solutions for programming directly in PLC language.

PI or Profibus & Profinet International, is the largest automation community around Siemens’ developed protocols. As an active member of PI, Stäubli is part of the joint elaboration of technologies, offering solutions for customers to use.

Simplifies Robot Programming

As of now, all Stäubli kinematics can be ordered with the uniVAL pi option. In this configuration, the communication interface to the PLC is already fully developed.

Customers only need to connect the robot to the Siemens world even with the uniVAL pi version and get started immediately. This is analogous to the already known uniVAL plc solution, which was developed for PLCs of all common manufacturers.

Whereas PLC and robot programming were two different worlds in the past, these tasks can now simply be handled centrally by the PLC programmer via the Siemens TIA portal.

Stäubli uniVAL pi is the interface that enables programming of any Stäubli robot via Siemens TIA portal, without any specific robot programming skills.

The Siemens Simatic Robot Library comes with a ready-to-use communication interface between Stäubli robots and Siemens PLC.

Integration of robots in complex production lines or machines can be thus accelerated, as coordination between the PLC programmer and robot programmer becomes unnecessary.