Rexxam Releases New Pegasus PCBA Coating System

Rexxam Co., Ltd. has been enhancing the lineup of surface mount technology (SMT)-related systems. Recently, the company has released new models of the Pegasus Series printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) auto coating and inspection machines. It also builds its line of Sherlock Series automated optical inspection (AOI) systems.

The company has been deploying products in multiple fields, including eye-care instruments, bioresearch analytical instruments, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. It leveraged on the merger of its original core technologies in optical, electronic circuit, image processing, and control, and sensing technologies.

It has also been engaged in the electronic manufacturing services (EMS) business, covering a wide range of areas, including air conditioning-related apparatuses, consumer electronics, factory automation (FA) equipment, automotive electronics, and medical equipment.

Pegasus PCBA Auto Coating, Inspection Systems

Rexxam released the Pegasus-600I inline type PCBA auto coating and inspection system in 2021. It achieves optimum conditions in the coating of moisture-proof agent. This process is indispensable for the protection of PCBAs through intuitive operation and two types of coating nozzles. It automatically inspects uncoated part and splashing, thus, contributing to efficient production of PCBAs.

Pegasus Series PCBA auto coating and inspection machines

The company has added an entry-model Pegasus-300F desk-top type, which simplifies installation. The machine can coat moisture-proof agent at high speed using the film coat nozzle. Like Pegasus-600I, it has a built-in camera for teaching and inspection functions. It can be operated as an independent system. Aside from that, it can also be used as an inline system by using the optional mount and cover.

Sherlock Series AOI Systems

The Sherlock Series AOI systems carries functions and specifications required by the company’s global plants, which produce 15 million electronic boards per year. The AOI systems can inspect widely from solder fillets of small chip components to large components with high accuracy at high speeds. They accommodate needs of various processes, including pre- and post-reflow inspections, and final appearance inspection.

The Sherlock Series AOI systems are equipped with red, green, blue (RGB) light, which colors the lands of fillets in red and the slopes in green and blue. Thus, they enable simultaneous imaging of flat faces and inclined faces, achieving high-speed inspections.

Sherlock Series Lineup

The rich lineup of the Sherlock Series includes the 3D-1100SI inline type three-dimensional (3D) inspection system equipped with an automatic component setting function. It applies deep learning of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in its inspection data creation algorithm. The Sherlock Series also includes the 500L two-dimensional (2D) inline inspection system, which supports L-sized boards; 300I inline inspection system; 300F desk-top inspection system; and the 300B compact batch line type. The company has also released the Sherlock-300R inline-type overside inspection system, which is dedicated to the inspection of flow soldering surface.

Rexxam entered the solder paste inspection (SPI) systems market with the release of Sherlock-SP-700. The company has applied 3D inspection technology it has nurtured over the years to SP-700 model. As a result, the SPI system achieved high inspection accuracy for solder printing (with height resolution of 7μm) required for the inspection of mounting components, which are becoming smaller and smaller with increasingly higher density. It excels in the strict inspection of solder amount. Setting for inspections, including land position information and solder area and volume, is automatically input based on the Gerber data and the mask thickness, supporting data creation in short time.