Yaskawa’s GA50 Robot Promotes High Path Accuracy

From Yaskawa America, Inc. comes a fast and flexible six-axis robot that offers high path accuracy. The GA50 robot is well-suited for laser cutting small holes and sharp corners, as well as laser welding, plasma cutting and dispensing applications. This powerful robot offers robust capability in a wide range of industries.

GA50 robot suits wide range of applications.

Delivers High Path Accuracy

Extremely reliable, high rigidity and precision drives provide impeccable path accuracy for the new robot. Formcut software automatically generates the ideal path to cut shapes based on user-specified geometry. GA50 supports circle, rectangle, ellipse, pentagon, and 2D hexagon shapes with easy definition of shape size and rotation from a single programmed point. Its cut motion start and overlap, robot speed, timing options and corner radii are all defined in the cut file. Depending on the application, path accuracy can be within 0.1mm with a 30-kg payload.

Reduces Cycle Time

The robot’s exceptionally fast access speeds and acceleration capabilities reduce cycle time for increased product throughput. Its reduced interference design enables close proximity placement of robots for high-density workcells. GA50 features a 3,161mm vertical reach, 2,038mm horizontal reach and ±0.015mm repeatability. A remote laser welding or cutting laser head is easily supported because of the robot’s 50-kg payload capacity.

Proportional analog generates a control signal corresponding to the speed of the robot. When used with dispensing equipment flow controls, a uniform bead is produced on contoured parts. The signal is available as an analog voltage or on a fieldbus network.

Robot Installation is quick and efficient. A single cable is all that is needed to connect the manipulator to the controller. This results in easy setup and reduced expenses for maintenance and spare parts inventory. GA50 can be floor-mounted with brakes included on all axes.

Compatible with YRC1000 Controller

The GA50 robot is compatible with Yaskawa’s YRC1000 controller, which is built to a global standard and does not require a transformer for input voltages ranging from AC 380V to 480V. Featuring a compact cabinet (598 W × 490 H × 427 Dmm), YRC1000 utilizes a lightweight teach pendant with intuitive programming.