Intel Unleashes Innovations as Digital Transformation Unfolds

As the industry navigates itself out of the pandemic, Intel will tap its innovation leadership in four key areas of cloud, connectivity through 5G, artificial intelligence, and intelligent edge to deliver solutions and applications that will improve people’s lives. This is the message delivered by Intel’s executives during the COMPUTEX CEO Keynote at COMPUTEX 2021.

Intel Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger emphasized Intel is uniquely suited to innovate around these four superpowers.  He explained that while digitization in the time of pandemic has spurred new levels of innovation, it created a cycle of explosive growth in semiconductors, but has also placed tremendous strain on supply chain around the world. To address this, Intel helps ensure capacity to meet the world’s needs for this new era, like doubling internal wafer capacity in the past four years and implementing the Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) model to give the flexibility to address the dynamic market. 

Pat Gelsinger, Chief Executive Officer, Intel

In March, Gelsinger unveiled the IDM 2.0 strategy that utilizes its internal factory network and allows the strategic use of external foundries to reliably deliver its products and provide the industry with another source of advanced foundry capacity through the new Intel Foundry Services. Related to this is the US$20 billion investment recently announced to ramp up its foundry capability. 

As these “superpowers” accelerate, it is critical to deliver a data center platform that is flexible and brings artificial intelligence everywhere, and services all workloads from the edge to the cloud. For this purpose, Intel offers the Intel Xeon platform with an unmatched line up of processors, accelerators, advanced memory, software and solution capabilities enabled to holistically solve customers’ most challenging problems. 

The role of PC has never been more pronounced in this period of technology challenges, and this year is shaping up to be the largest PC market ever, said Steve Long, Corporate Vice President and General Manager CCG Sales at Intel.  Long announced an expanded 11th Gen Intel Core U-Series family with the release of two new 11th Gen Intel Core SKUs that deliver 5GHz in high volume in thin and light designs, maintain 25 percent overall application performance advantage against competitors.

In the area of connectivity, Intel announced Intel 5G Solution 5000 – its first solution 5G product for the next generation of PC experience and is the first 5G product coming out from its collaboration with MediaTek, with global certification. 

“Today, we are also affirming our commitment to publicly invest over US$50 million in Intel Evo ecosystem innovation just this year. We will assist in developing technologies that enhance the compute experience. We intend to continue with our series of engagements this year. Our upcoming product code named Alder Lake will deliver the next set of compute advancements that the industry is looking for,” announced Long.