TAKIGEN MFG Heightens Sensitivity to Customer Requirements

Setting sights on business expansion, TAKIGEN MFG CO., LTD. implements original manufacturing of products to materialize customers’ requirements in various business categories spanning semiconductors, agriculture, and medical care.

       Since its founding in 1910, the century-old Japanese company has grown its business through the manufacture of various locks and industrial locks. At present, it has expanded its business to Southeast Asian countries, aside from Japan, as a manufacturer of industrial fittings targeted at diverse industries. 

       In April, Mitsugu Tanaka took office as president of TAKIGEN MFG. He is the former director and general manager of sales and marketing division. Since Tanaka joined the company in April 1980, he has devoted himself to its development, spending his whole career in sales. Tanaka says, “I would like to make efforts toward the sustainability of the company, while making the most of my experiences in sales. At our company, production is fundamentally high-mix low-volume, and as a rule, manufacturing mirrors the opinion of the manufacturing site rather than ‘desk theory’. We will not waste investment to achieve this goal.” 

Mitsugu Tanaka, President of TAKIGEN MFG CO., LTD.
Mitsugu Tanaka, President of TAKIGEN MFG CO., LTD.

       TAKIGEN MFG’s product catalogues include about 8,000 items of industrial metal fittings that support various manufacturing industries as standard products. Sales of these products make up about 60 percent of the company’s total sales and sales of custom-ordered products account for the remaining 40 percent. The company endeavors to respond to specific customer requirements, such as “small volume but for immediate delivery”, “request for original design”, and “specific product that would promote convenience”, by developing products applying metal and resin processing and surface treatment technologies acquired in the manufacturing of locks. Customers highly praise the company’s flexibility and speed to fulfill customers’ requirements. 

       Tanaka says, “Unlike large companies, we enable section managers and managers of branch offices to sometimes give the go signal for the manufacture of molds. In this way, we can develop and supply products without losing business opportunities.” 

Identifies Growth Fields

       Since the tragedies that struck Japan, like the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis, the installation of photovoltaic power generation systems has progressed rapidly.  TAKIGEN MFG’s sales increased rapidly with the increasing needs for metal fittings for the installation of solar panels, such as installation poles and mounting structures.

       At present, the company sets semiconductors, medical care, agriculture, and EVs as growth fields, and has been expanding product lineups that reflect the needs at manufacturing sites.  So far, the company has commercialized semiconductor products compliant with the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) standard for cleanrooms and level adjusters accompanying larger semiconductor equipment, reflecting the opinions of semiconductor manufacturing equipment makers.

       In terms of requirements of medical personnel, including doctors and nurses in hospitals, the company has developed an infusion stand provided with a power outlet, as many devices that require power supply, such as transfusion pump and syringe pump, are attached to bedside infusion stands in hospitals.  

       In the agricultural field, the company has developed graft tubes that have arose from views of agricultural producers and metal fittings for electric work vehicles for various crops. As products for EVs, the company develops and supplies original products, including connector holders for chargers and EV cable locks.

Business Trends

       Aside from the above-described products, TAKIGEN MFG has recently expanded its lineup of original products, including the One-Touch Series, which allows female workers to easily assemble distribution boards and control boards without using screws, nuts, and tools, and without the need for welding.  

       Outside of Japan, the company has sales bases in Korea, Shanghai in China, Taiwan, and Thailand. Tanaka says, “In the first half of 2020, sales dropped owing to the coronavirus pandemic. However, from the beginning of fall, sales of products, mainly products for semiconductors in Korea, Shanghai in China, and Taiwan started to recover. Around March this year, sales in Thailand also recovered to the period prior to the pandemic. Recently, transactions with regional companies in various countries have increased.”

       As a fabless company, TAKIGEN MFG consigns production to external companies. The company is expanding production in China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and has no plan for in-house production for the future. It will continue to operate as a fabless-based company.  

       Tanaka says, “Although there are differences among industries, as a whole, sales in FY2021 have been increasing as planned, and sales in the whole fiscal year will surpass those in the previous fiscal year.”