Yamaha Motor Beefs up Sales System in China, SE Asia

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has been bolstering its facilities in China and countries in Southeast Asia in order to strengthen its robotics business, centering on surface mounters and industrial robots in these regions. Following Thailand and Shenzhen in China, the company relocated in June its base in Suzhou to a new premises and also established a showroom. 

Photo 1: New premises of Yamaha Motor IM (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

       As part of efforts to strengthen its robotics segment, which is set in its long-term vision, “ART for Human Possibilities, Advancing Robotics,” Yamaha Motor has been pushing forward with strengthening its marketing system in China and countries in Southeast Asia in collaboration with Yamaha Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd. (YRH). YRH was inaugurated in July 2019 to merge the semiconductor back-end process and the mounting of electronic components as its business domain.

Building up Marketing Base

       In March 2020, Yamaha Motor opened an office on the premises of YRH’s Thai facility in Navanakorn Industrial Estate in Thailand, and opened a showroom. The new office serves as the regional headquarters of the company’s robotics business in Southeast Asia. The showroom displays YRH’s semiconductor manufacturing equipment in addition to surface mounters and industrial robots.

Photo 2: Showroom established at Yamaha Motor IM (Suzhou)

       In China, Yamaha Motor has established Yamaha Motor IM (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, and a branch office in Shenzhen to handle sales of surface mounters and industrial robots and to provide technical services.

       In July 2020, the company relocated the Shenzhen branch office to the Longhua District in Shenzhen and newly establish a showroom as an integral part of the office. The new office has a total floor area of 1,600sq.m. YRH’s operating companies also use the new office as their regional base.  

       Following this, in June, Yamaha Motor relocated the head office of Yamaha Motor IM (Suzhou) to new premises in the Suzhou Industrial Park and increased its personnel. The company also established a showroom, which integrally exhibits a comprehensive range of products of the robotics business, in the new premises. 

       The new premises have a total floor area of about 5,000sq.m, and enable speedy and precise promotions at the office of the company’s each business unit and showroom. Seminars and trainings for new and existing users are also being held. By improving sales and services skills of local distributors and consolidating YRH’s local office, Yamaha promotes synergy with the semiconductor-related business, which is YRH’s main business.