Comau Unveils High-Industrial Robot for Cleanrooms

Comau has introduced the new RACER-5 SENSITIVE ENVIRONMENTS (Racer-5 SE) industrial robot. Specifically, it is a high-speed industrial robot designed for special and sensitive settings that characterize the electronics, pharmaceutical, health & beauty, and food & beverage industries.

In particular, it features a protective water, heat and grease-resistant coating. Thus, the ruggedized 6-axis articulated robot fully responds to the demand for IP67 certification, high-grade ISO 5 Cleanroom classification (ISO 14644-1), protection from chemical agents, and the need to reduce the risk of contamination. It also has NSF H1 food-grade lubrication.

The RACER-5 SE high-speed industrial robot meets the standard for a cleanroom environment.

The dedicated robot has added benefits. These include reduced operator risk when working with potentially harmful chemicals and substances, as well as increased productivity, traceability, and quality.

Meets Need for Accuracy, Too

Racer-5 SE addresses the specific need for speed, accuracy and repeatability within cleanrooms and other sensitive environments. It underwent into an intensive design process based on the study of forms and attention to detail. As a result, it offers compact dimensions, 5kg payload, an 809mm maximum reach, and a high-gloss, ruggedized element-resistant shell.

Racer-5 SE can be used on a tabletop, inclined, or mounted on a wall or ceiling. This feature allows is easily automate applications with stringent requirements, such as the handling of pharmaceuticals in sterile filling rooms. It also fits certified cleanroom assembly of microelectronics, while reducing overall operating costs. Furthermore, Racer-5 SE is well-suited for the food and beverage industry, given that its white painted surface is approved for direct contact with all types of food (Reg Eu 1935/2004, Reg Eu 10/2011 and Reg Eu 1895 /2005), and the IP67 rating protects it from peroxide, chlorine, alcohol and other aggressive cleaning agents.

Fitted with stainless steel screws and covers, Racer-5 SE can be easily cleaned and decontaminated as often as needed. Thus, it helps increase product quality and reduce the potential for human-related error or contamination. It is also one of the fastest robots of its kind.

Moreover, as the electrical and air connectors and fittings are located outside the production zone, the robot enjoys greater agility while minimizing the risk of damage. All this enables Racer-5 SE to ensure higher production quality, better performance, quicker cycle times and reduced capital expenditures.

“Our new Racer-5 SE combines efficiency and technical excellence with the features and functionality required for effective application within sensitive settings,” explains Nicole Clement, Chief Marketing Officer at Comau.

“We expect the adoption of Robotics in Sensitive Environments to grow significantly in the next coming years, largely driven by increasing automation in fast-growing industries such as food & beverages, pharma, plastic & chemicals and electronics,” continues Clement.

Made entirely in Comau – Turin (Italy) – Racer-5 SE has a rigid construction to ensure higher precision and repeatability. It has been tested and certified for cleanroom compliance by Fraunhofer, and is available in two different 5kg payload configurations, with a reach of 630mm and 809mm.