Avnet Boosts Europe Pull in New Hub, Facility Upgrade

Premier Farnell Limited, an Avnet, Inc. company, recently reopened its global head office in Leeds, United Kingdom, after completing significant improvement works. Simultaneously, Avnet EMEA also broke ground a new facility in Bernburg, Germany. The completion of improvement works in Leeds and the planned new hub in Bernburg aim to further Avnet’s distribution presence in the region.

Renewable Energy Sources

In Leeds, the reopened Farnell headquarters features updated and improved space, as well as modern and transformative work environment. In addition, the company said around 500 Farnell employees returning to the Leeds premises will discover significant enhancements in the facility. This includes energy delivered from 100 percent renewable resources and zero waste going to landfill. It will also have space for 40 electric vehicles charged onsite per day.

Farnell headquarters in Leeds, UK

Moreover, the global head office features design that embrace changes in the ways employees now work at Farnell. Taking 12 months to complete, the renovated facility also features a mix of full-time office occupation and hybrid homeworking.

The building now benefits from flexible functional hubs and collaborative spaces, while an impressive balcony area offers the opportunity to work outside when the Yorkshire weather allows.

Chris Breslin, Farnell Global President, said: “This is a proud day in Farnell’s 84-year history in the U.K. The Canal Road refit has seen the business make a multi-million-pound investment to bring all our head office colleagues into a space. After what has been a monumental makeover, we have brought our global head office back to life to become a workplace which is transformative, modern, and meets our new ways of working. At the same time, while showcasing Farnell as an industry leader and a great place to work.”

Advanced Third Center

Just as Farnell re-opened Canal Road, Avnet EMEA was breaking ground on a new high-performing distribution center in Bernburg, Germany. Most importantly, the new facility will provide support for the growing semiconductor and electronic components market. Hence, this will enable Avnet to build its growth strategy in Europe while creating hundreds of new jobs.

In addition, during the official ground-breaking ceremony, Avnet presented to students at the local elementary school and university two trees. This represents Avnet’s sustainability and social responsibility efforts at the new location. Once completed, the company will plant the trees onsite.

Avnet expects completion of construction in 2024 and fully operational in 2025. This will add much-needed capacity to the company. Therefore, augmenting to the capacities of its two existing distribution centers in Tongeren, Belgium and Poing, Germany.