Saki Optimizes Customer Support, Supply Management

Saki Corporation has opened a demonstration area for its automated optical inspection (AOI) systems and a parts center for centralized management of the inventory and supply of components at its Nara Factory. This is the company’s main factory for AOI systems located in Kitakoriyama-cho, Yamato Koriyama-shi in Nara, Japan.

Norihiro Koike, President, Saki Corporation

The demonstration area lies beside the manufacturing line, allowing customers visiting the Nara Factory to observe diverse demonstrations of actual machines while at the same time getting to know the manufacturing process of the machines. Saki has also put a system in place to allow the customers themselves to smoothly confirm the external appearance and inspection operation of the actual machines in the demonstration room prior to the shipment of AOI systems. 

Saki’s demonstration area at its Nara Factory

Saki has expanded the stockroom parts at the Nara Factory and shifted the components inventory management, which was previously performed at the head office in Tokyo, to the Nara Factory. It also established the parts center on the premises of the factory. The parts center built at the production facility enables the company to speedily procure, send, and replenish components, thereby achieving timely and high-quality aftersales services.  Furthermore, the company has also completed the maintenance of equipment installed in the adjacent seminar room with a seating capacity for 90 people to provide substantial after-the-sale services. 

Parts center in the premises of the Nara Factory

Norihiro Koike, President of Saki Corporation, says, “Our company places strong importance on customer support and we have been working to improve the system. Measures and policies to achieve the demonstration of actual machines at the production base and immediate delivery of components are part of the efforts and I believe that they help improve customers’ satisfaction.”