Molex Expands Vietnam Manufacturing Plant

Molex, a global electronics leader and connectivity innovator, said it is expanding its existing manufacturing operations in Hanoi to include a new 16,000sq.m facility. Particularly, the company expects the expansion will support over 200 new jobs in advanced high-tech manufacturing.

Molex opened its first facility in the country in 2007. Furthermore, the expansion will help support the growing demand for its products that are used in many different applications. These include smartphones, TVs, home appliances, test equipment and medical devices.

Molex expands its Vietnam manufacturing plant to support long-term growth in the global electronics industry.

Advanced Automation Technologies

“Molex has operated in Vietnam for 15 years and this expansion represents our long-term commitment to the country and the community,” said Joe Nelligan, CEO, Molex. In addition, Nelligan said, “Expanding our manufacturing footprint in Hanoi gives us added capability and capacity in the Asia Pacific region. We plan to grow with our customers and create more opportunities for our skilled workforce.”

The fully integrated connector manufacturing facility will feature advanced robotics, high-speed injection molding, stamping, plating, and automated assembly processes. Moreover, it also offers tooling fabrication and reliability lab testing capabilities.

As part of Molex’s environmental stewardship initiatives, the expanded facility will feature an on-site solar installation. This will support the site’s energy needs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.