Rexxam Preps up for Production Expansion

The main business of Rexxam Co., Ltd. revolves around printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) automated optical inspection (AOI) systems. Specifically, the company handles a wide range of electronic manufacturing services (EMS), including air-conditioning-related equipment, consumer equipment, factory automation (FA) equipment, automotive electronics, and medical equipment.           

In Japan, the company maintains the Kagawa Factory in Kagawa Prefecture. Here, Rexxam manufactures various microcontroller boards and applied products. Additionally, it produces eye-care instruments, bioresearch analytical instruments, PCBA visual inspectors, hot and chilled water (wind) generators for semiconductor equipment, and indirect temperature controllers for chemicals.

The company has been converging its mounting division to the Saijo Factory in Ehime Prefecture. Further, the company is constructing a new line to prepare for future production increases, while promoting the efficient use of equipment and human resources.

Rexxam made strategic steps to lift business results following a challenging environment during the pandemic. Hiroyuki Sumida, Vice President of Rexxam, said, “After experiencing a drop in income in 2020, we renewed record sales in 2021 and 2022. Nonetheless, the worldwide shortages in supply of electronic components forced us to consider substitutes. Also, we revisited our production plans to fulfill the backlog of orders.” 

Hiroyuki Sumida, Vice President of Rexxam

Strengthens Overseas Production Base

Over the years, Rexxam has expanded its international production bases. Among them include ShenZhen Shinelong Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd. and Rexxam Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in China; Rexxam Thailand Co., Ltd. in Thailand; and Rexxam Czech s.r.o. in Europe. Moreover, in India, Rexxam has established Rexxam Dixon Electronics Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture company with Dixon Technologies (India) Limited as partner. These overseas bases particularly meet the needs of globally expanding Japanese companies.

Altogether, the overseas production bases have a monthly production capacity of 1.2 to 1.3 million PCBAs in terms of standard board. 

At the company’s two plants in China, Rexxam has constructed a production system installed with 19 SMT lines and 67 PCBA AOI systems. The company increasingly implements automated production to meet rapid demand increases.

Meanwhile, Rexxam Thailand is installed with four SMT lines and is operated by a workforce of 340 employees. The company bolstered the plant’s equipment in preparation for a planned production increase in 2023. Moreover, the company has concluded a partnership with Forth Corporation Public Company Limited in Thailand. Additionally, Rexxam Dixon Electronics operates four SMT lines in India.

The company plans to build up the production ratios of overseas bases, particularly in Thailand and India. “More than 80 percent of the company’s consolidated sales comes from the electronics business. The two companies in China account for 70 percent of the electronics business. Now, we are increasing the production ratios of Thailand and Indian bases,” said Sumida.

Rexxam also noted a growing number of inquiries for laser marking systems. Classified under the PCBA AOI system business, laser marking systems are designed to improve traceability. Their importance has been increasing. Also, demand is increasing for both inline and desktop-type PCBA auto coating and inspection machines.