FUJI Heightens Strategies to Propel Full Automation

FUJI Corporation has been deploying robot solution business focusing on electronic components mounting robots. Particularly, in its robot solution business, FUJI has been proposing production automation with surface mount technology (SMT) at the core, while advancing FUJI Smart Factory (FSF). 

Nobuyuki Soga, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, “In 2022, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine impacted the global economy. Component shortages and soaring materials prices plagued the manufacturing industry. Nonetheless, the Chinese market, which is the main market of mounters, did not experience a sharp downturn, and our company’s business performed well.” 

Nobuyuki Soga, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, FUJI Corporation

Furthermore, Soga added, “In 2023, demand for communication-related products, including smartphones, will stagnate, whereas demand for automotive and industrial equipment will remain stable. Amid further advancement of digital transformation (DX) around the globe, demand for board mounting will certainly continue to increase globally in the medium to long term. However, in 2023, many factors that put downward pressures on the global economy will complexly entangle, creating very severe situation.”

Propels Full Automation

In 2023, FUJI will bring NXTR mounter to the market on full scale as a platform of the surface mount technology (SMT) line.  NXTR realizes full automation of the SMT line. To realize full automation, the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) automatically transfers feeders in accordance with production schedule. In addition, the smart loader automatically supplies electronic components without stopping the production of machines. 

Soga said, “In addition to rising labor costs, it has become difficult to secure workforce stably. Accordingly, the requirements for the automation of the line and the entire factory increase. We will accelerate efforts to achieve labor-saving through FSF.” 

FUJI will also propose the use of sFAB-D/SH modular general-purpose automated fabrication machine, SmartWing compact multi-joint robot, and SW-BA robot cell. These machines automate the insertion of odd-formed components in the post-process. 

The company has also been steadily increasing sales of delivery locker system, which makes use of robot technology. At the same time, it is also racking up the sales of transfer support robot and atmospheric pressure plasma unit.

FUJI plans to build a new state-of-the-art factory building at the Okazaki Plant (Aichi Prefecture), which is the company’s main production base for its robot solution business. Most importantly, the new factory building will have leading-edge robot technologies and internet of things (IoT) technologies. The company expects to commence operation of the new factory building in Sept. 2024. When completed, it will bolster the plant’s production capacity to 1.5-fold.