Mitsubishi's New IC Modules Power Industrial Tools

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has started shipping samples of its new NX-type full-SiC (silicon carbide) power semiconductor module for industrial equipment. Particularly, the module reduces internal inductance and incorporates a second-generation SiC chip. Thus, realizing more efficient, smaller, and lighter-weight industrial equipment.

Power semiconductors play an important role in converting electric power extra efficiently. Thereby helping to lower the carbon footprint of global society. Expectations are particularly high for SiC power semiconductors because of their capability to significantly reduce power loss.

The demand is expanding for high-power, high-efficiency power semiconductors capable of improving the power-conversion efficiency of components. Primarily, including inverters used in industrial equipment.

NX-type full-SiC power semiconductor module for industrial equipment

Product Features

Mitsubishi Electric began releasing power semiconductor modules equipped with SiC chips in 2010. The new module features a low-loss SiC chip and optimized electrode structure. Furthermore, it reduces internal inductance by 47% compared to its existing predecessor,enabling reduced power loss.

Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) partially supported the development of this SiC product.

Because of the optimized electrode structure and SiC chip, the module contributes to more efficient, smaller, and lighter equipment. Particularly, it achieves internal inductance of 9nH, 47% lower than that of the existing module.