Mitsubishi Electric Boosts FA Systems, Adds New Plant

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation said it will invest an additional ¥42.5 billion to construct a second production building at its facility in Owariasahi City in Japan’s Aichi prefecture. Particularly, the second building will manufacture of factory automation (FA) control-system products.

Last year, Mitsubishi Electric announced an initial investment in the said facility for a single production building due for operations in April 2025. With the new announcement, the company is expanding its investment to add a second production building.

The new building will start operations in April 2027. Overall, this increases the total cumulative investment to ¥55.5 billion.

Representation of Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya Work’s new factory in Owariasahi City (CG illustration)

Next-Generation Factories, e-F@ctory Concept

The two production buildings will be closely integrated to streamline their operations. As next-generation factories, the new facilities will utilize both 5G communications and AI. In addition, they will tap supply chain management (SCM) and engineering chain management (ECM) based on Mitsubishi Electric’s “e-F@ctory” concept. The expected benefits include accelerated productivity and quality-improvement cycles, shortened delivery times, and high-quality, high-efficiency production.

In addition, the factories will also be resistant to demand fluctuations. Also, they will come with improved logistic efficiency through the use of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Furthermore, they will have synchronized production by utilizing digital twins, to ensure customers can receive a stable supply of products.

Furthermore, through various CO2 reduction initiatives at the new facilities, Mitsubishi Electric will continue to contribute to the realization of a carbon neutral society.