Yamaha Technology Boosts Performance of New Squeegee

Yamaha Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Section has revealed an innovative squeegee design for surface-mount screen printing. Most importantly, this new squeegee integrates innovative technology that raises process performance and extends stencil life.

The new 3SR squeegee introduces an enhanced blade profile that improves solder-paste rolling. Furthermore, it increases aperture filling by up to 5% and ensures consistent performance as the solder-paste roll diminishes. Supplied as standard with Yamaha’s latest YRP screen printers, the 3SR can also be fitted as a direct upgrade for YSP machines.

Ensures Greater Process Stability

Yamaha recorded up to 5% greater filling in tests with stencils containing apertures from 0.3mm to 5mm. Moreover, the tests showed increased filling for all aperture sizes, and with a 25% smaller paste roll than typical practice. The smaller roll size demonstrates reduced dependence on solder-paste mass, permitting increased process stability and reduced consumption of materials.

In addition, enhanced material properties of the 3SR squeegee ensure longer stencil life. Thus, sustaining process performance and reducing stencil replacement costs. Lower friction also prevents solder paste from sticking to the blade, helping to reduce stoppage time for cleaning and minimize discarded paste.

The Yamaha 3SR squeegee increases filling power while protecting the stencil

“The new 3SR squeegee achieves a measurable increase in aperture filling with reduced dependence on paste-roll size. Thus, ensuring greater process stability,” commented Kamil Stasiak, Product Marketing Manager EMEA SMT Section.

Stasiak said the 3SR squeegee is a valuable step forward for screen printing. Moreover, increasing the pass rate at solder-paste inspection and AOI to drive up the end-of-line yield.

The 3SR squeegee is already available in the market and can be fitted without modification to Yamaha YRP and YSP screen printers.


Yamaha Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Section is a subdivision of Yamaha Motor Robotics Business Unit in Yamaha Motor Corporation. Particularly, the section produces a complete selection of equipment for high-speed inline electronic assembly.

The company’s complete line comprises the 1 STOP SMART SOLUTION. This includes solder paste printers, component mounters, 3D solder paste inspection machines, and 3D PCB inspection machines. Also included are flip-chip hybrid placers, dispensers, intelligent component storage, and management software.

These systems prioritize intuitive operator interaction, efficient coordination between all inline processes, and modularity. Thus, enabling users to meet the latest manufacturing demands. Group competencies in servo-motor control and image recognition for vision (camera) systems ensure extreme accuracy with high speed.

Moreover, the current product line includes the latest YR equipment generation, with advanced automated features for programming, setup, and changeovers. In addition, the lineup also has the new YSUP management software with state-of-the-art graphics and built-in data analytics.