USI Upgrades Smart Manufacturing at Lights-Off Factory

USI, a global leader in electronic design and manufacturing, has announced the new scale of a lights-off factory in Shanghai. Specifically, the new factory showcases a remarkable growth in advancing smart manufacturing capabilities. This upgrade was completed at the end of last year. Mainly, it signifies a significant leap in enhancing supply chain efficiency and driving technological advancements in manufacturing. Thus, it can deliver cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing solutions to clients.

In a strategic move, USI has upgraded its lights-off factory scale and increased the number of robotic arms by 2.5 times. Particularly, it integrated cutting-edge technologies, such as I4.0 artificial intelligence, the War Room, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS), smart warehousing, auto dispatching, remote control, and data collection. Accordingly, this strategic integration has elevated the manufacturing process; thus, making it more efficient, intelligent, and adaptable to evolving business strategies.

KJ Lee, Director of the Smart Manufacturing Center at USI, expressed, “Throughout integrating these advanced technologies, we faced and successfully overcame various challenges, including AI-based contamination detection, remote control solutions, and machine self-troubleshooting. Our ability to triumph over these challenges underscores our commitment to expanding the boundaries of smart manufacturing, ensuring seamless, high-quality production.”

Moreover, USI remains committed to expanding its lights-off factory, focusing on flexibility and swift responsiveness to customer demands. Multiple lights-off factories are currently in the planning stages. Mainly, the company aims to provide 100% smart manufacturing services across all Asia-Pacific region factories by 2028. This ambitious plan demonstrates USI’s unwavering determination to deliver advanced manufacturing solutions that meet the diverse needs of its global customer base.

USI continues to lead the way in the electronic design and manufacturing sector. Also, it consistently pursues excellence in technological innovation and operational efficiency. This milestone signifies a significant step in the ongoing process of shaping the future of the manufacturing industry and delivering products and services that adhere to the highest industry standards.