AI-Enhanced 3D-AOI Brings Inspection to New Heights

Saki Corporation has developed and commercialized 3Di-LS2-CASE three-dimensional automated optical inspection (3D-AOI) system, which features enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) function. The company positions the 3Di-LS2-CASE as a next-generation system.  Global automotive components maker Denso Corporation has decided to employ the system. 

The 3Di-LS2-CASE has achieved automated inspection by AI, while maintaining the industry-leading high-speed, high-precision inspection through the company’s proprietary high rigidity structure. In the inspection of soldering defects (insufficient wetting), which have been difficult to detect by the existing 3D-AOI system, the 3Di-LS2-CASE significantly reduces excessive detection, and dramatically improves soldering defects detection capability. 

The company’s original AI engine, which learns massive image data of good and defective soldering, eliminates the need for the tuning of solder inspection data, thereby achieving skill-less automation. 

The AI engine makes full use of Saki’s high-precision inspection system and achieves high reliability deep learning. Featuring a simple data flow structure with resistance to network troubles, and excellent maintainability, it enables the constriction of stable system network.  Saki will start receiving orders for 3Di-LS2-CASE in 2022. 

Norihiro Koike, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saki Corporation

Supports Automotive-Grade Inspection

Denso installs the 3Di-LS2-CASE as a global standard system. “Saki Corporation’s next-generation 3D-AOI system supports an automotive-grade 100 percent inspection. It is an excellent solution that supports quality at smart factory in the connected, autonomous, shared & services, and electric (CASE) era.  We plan to resister it in our company’s qualified vendor list and install it at our global bases,” said Denso’s Electronics Manufacturing Department in a statement. 

Norihiro Koike, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saki Corporation, said, “I am extremely honored to get the nod of Denso, a global tier one manufacturer of automotive components, as a partner company of next-generation 3D-AOI system. In recent years, the importance of the quality of automotive electronic components that realize mobility of the future has been increasing.”

“At manufacturing facilities of next-generation automotive electronic components, automated inspection systems that steadily achieve high-precision inspections play an important role to produce products that compose social infrastructure and affect people’s lives on a large scale. We would like to contribute the realization of a new social platform together with customers.”