NF Chiyoda Electronics Puts Decarbonization at Core of Business

NF Chiyoda Electronics Co., Ltd. of the NF Group develops main products such as DC power supplies, custom power supplies, and power supply systems. The company is focusing on solutions for decarbonization based on its core technologies.

Key Business Areas

Mainly, the company operates in three areas. They are DC power supply technology for surface treatment, general industrial DC power supplies, and general-purpose DC power supplies.

Chiyoda power supply
Power supply for battery charging

Specifically, DC power supplies for surface treatment are used in plating to process the surface of metals and other materials. This process aims to increase strength and durability. In this area, the company proposes products for various types of surface treatment, such as electroplating, in which plating is applied to iron and copper, which flow easily with electricity, and anodic oxide film, in which an artificial oxide film is created through electrolytic treatment on an anode, according to the type of metal and the processing method.

Also, the lineup of general-purpose DC power supplies consists mainly of large-capacity products. They are used in the design and experimental stages, including evaluation of inverters, motors, and power components for electric vehicles (EVs). Also, they are employed in charge testing of lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries.

Meanwhile, custom power supplies for general industrial use are products that apply these power supplies. They are being offered for various applications such as water treatment, sintering, corrosion prevention, charging and discharging, and for disaster prevention radio systems.

The NF Group promotes solutions that contribute to “carbon neutrality,” which reduces environmental impact. Also, NF Chiyoda Electronics focuses on the fields of hydrogen production by water electrolysis and EV storage battery charging.

Increasing Demand for Carbon-Neutral Products

The DC power supply for hydrogen production used in hydrogen production by electrolysis of water is proposed according to the capacity of the electrolyzer. The company is receiving an increasing number of inquiries due to decarbonization trends.

DC power supply for hydrogen production

Additionally, EV storage battery recharging aims to increase electrification of vehicles other than passenger cars, such as forklifts, excavators, and other construction equipment, as well as transportation vehicles. While quick recharging standards for automobiles have become widespread, recharging standards for special-purpose vehicles have not been standardized. In relation, the company provides customized quick-charge power supplies for batteries used in special-purpose vehicles according to customer applications and requirements.

Focuses on Decarbonization

While surface treatment power supplies are the foundation of its business, in the future the company will set its sights on decarbonization efforts.

Mainly, power supplies for surface treatment, such as zinc and plastic plating, are installed and operated for long periods of time in harsh operating environments. Particularly, they are high-temperature, high-humidity, with presence of corrosive gases, and dusty environments.

The company is confident that it has the know-how and experience to manufacture products with superior environmental resistance and can operate in harsh environments for 10 to 15 years. The company’s strength lies in creating products with a durable structure to operate continuously. Specifically, they feature reduced failure frequency even in harsh environments, where ordinary general-purpose power supplies would break down quickly.