Yamaha Expands Advanced Solutions With New Mounter

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is expanding its product lineup of mounting equipment, such as surface mounters and inspection machines. Particularly, the company is touting the use of next-generation technologies and features for its flagship solutions.

Moreover, these products not only offer high speed and high mounting accuracy but also meet a wide range of needs. Thus, fulfilling diversifying demands for automation and manpower saving at production sites.

Debut at Exhibition

Recently, the company took part in INTERNEPCON JAPAN, one of the industry’s biggest trade events held in Tokyo, Japan. Specifically, Yamaha Motor highlighted its YRM10 next-generation compact high-speed modular mounter, which the company released to the market in March. At the same time, the company also introduced its Yri-V TypeHS 3D hybrid optical visual inspection system.

Yamaha Motor has introduced Compact High-Speed Modular YRM10 at INTERNEPCON JAPAN. From left to right: Ayako Egashira, Executive Officer and Hiroyuki Ota, Senior Executive Officer

The company promoted its 1 STOP SMART SOLUTION, which leverages its strength as a manufacturer of a full lineup of mounting equipment, including surface mounters, printers, and inspection machines.

The YRM10 is the world’s fastest single-beam, single-head class surface mounter with a mounting capacity of 52,000CPH. Particularly, it succeeds the YSM10, an entry-level model with excellent cost performance in addition to high speed and versatility.

Moreover, the YRM10 has also adopted the next-generation YR Series platform while maintaining its compact design.

YRi-V TypeHS is also an inspection machine employing the YR Series platform and is a high-end model of the YRi-V released in July 2021. It uses a high-resolution 25-megapixel camera, more than twice the resolution of the previous model.

Moreover, the latest high-performance CPU and GPU to significantly enhance image processing capability. As a result, the YR-V achieves industry-leading speeds of approximately 1.6 times faster than conventional models for high-resolution inspections with 7-micrometer and 5-micrometer resolution specifications.

The company has been developing the YRM20DL high-speed mounter and the YRP10 premium printing machine. With the addition of these new products to its lineup, the company will be able to build production lines to suit a wide range of production formats and scales, from mass production to small-quantity, high-mix production.

-14 March 2024-

The article is an English translation of a Japanese article originally published in Dempa Shimbun Daily.