Emerson Optimizes Manufacturing With New Platform

As part of its Boundless Automation™ vision, Emerson is evolving its DeltaV™ brand into the DeltaV Automation Platform.

Accordingly, the newly expanded automation platform will include SCADA systems, manufacturing execution systems (MES), and operations management software. These new additions will work alongside the distributed control (DCS) and safety systems (SIS) and other technologies that have been part of the brand for decades. Thus, the evolution builds a more comprehensive automation platform to make it easier for users to deliver smarter, safer, more optimized, and more sustainable operations.

Increasing Need for Automation Strategies

Organizations across nearly every industry are experiencing new complexities as they face the modern challenge of improving throughput, performance, and quality. Simultaneously, they are increasing the sustainability of operations.

Emerson’s DeltaV™ Automation Platform

Navigating this increased complexity requires seamless mobility of data, reliable performance, and advanced control strategies.

For that reason, the comprehensive nature of the new DeltaV Automation Platform will empower users to move away from “plant-by-plant” strategies to “site-by-site”. Moreover, as enterprise automation solutions, integrated automation strategies are increasingly becoming necessary to compete in a complex global marketplace.

“In an era of increased demand and higher sustainability targets, today’s organizations are looking for ways to manage and contextualize data across the many software solutions they use to help unlock easier, faster, and safer decisions,” said Nathan Pettus, president of Emerson’s process systems and solutions business.

Thus, Pettus said the DeltaV Automation Platform will combine a flexible, fit-for-purpose portfolio of DCS, SIS, SCADA, MES, and operations management software. It will carry an unmatched application and cross-industry expertise to help cross-functional teams across the enterprise more easily achieve their goals.

Reinforces Automation Lineup

With an extensive portfolio unified under one brand, users will have access to a comprehensive technology ecosystem. Thus, providing a broader suite of solutions. Organizations will more quickly and easily find the right solutions to meet their specific needs and will gain easier access to service, training, and support. 

All solutions in the DeltaV Automation Platform will have seamless support through the Guardian™ digital customer experience. Furthermore, users will have a single point of access to Guardian’s digital tools and subscriptions for all their solutions. Thus, providing easy access to real-time monitoring, in-depth analytics and actionable insights.

The continuing evolution of the platform will also extend to future Emerson products. Moreover, development for DeltaV Automation Platform offerings will focus on products and systems that communicate and work better together. Thus, offering users a more cohesive and streamlined experience.

-28 March 2024-