TOWA Seizes Booming Market for Molding Equipment

TOWA Corporation, a leading manufacturer of molding (resin encapsulation) equipment, aims to make further progress in the booming Chinese market. Thus, the company promoted its advanced molding technology at SEMICON China 2024.

There are two types of molding technology: the transfer method and the compression method. In the transfer method, the fluid resin is supplied around the semiconductor chip and cured. Meanwhile, in the compression method, the semiconductor chip is immersed in the fluid resin supplied in advance and then cured.

TOWA’s booth at SEMICON China 2024

Meeting Robust Demand in China

TOWA develops and sells products compatible with both methods. At SEMICON China, TOWA presented its CPM1080 compression molding equipment and YPM1180 transfer molding equipment. Particularly, the CPM1080 can handle 300mm wafers and large panels and has realized heavier workpiece transfer. Additionally, it can handle granulated/liquid resin in a single unit. Meanwhile, the YPM1180 handles 100×300mm large format workpieces. Specifically, it is applicable for IGBT and module production, with demand for automotive applications increasing.

Muneo Miura, Director and Executive Officer with the CPM1080 compression molding equipment

Muneo Miura, Director and TOWA’s Executive Officer, in charge of sales, commented, “All applications in the Chinese market are performing well due to the trend promoting domestic semiconductor production. In particular, demand for automotive products has remained at a high level, and we expect demand to continue to be strong in the future. In terms of technology, new packaging technologies such as chiplet and 2.5D must be addressed. We will utilize the technology and know-how we have accumulated over the years to expand our track record in the Chinese market.”

This is an English translation of an original Japanese article published in Dempa Shimbun Daily.

-19 April 2024-