THK Solutions Tackle Predictive Maintenance

THK Co., Ltd. highlighted at SEMICON China 2024 its linear motion (LM) guides and electric actuators used inside semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Additionally, it exhibited OMNIedge solution, which enables predictive maintenance of equipment.

The company aims to further expand its business by strengthening its efforts in the Chinese semiconductor market, where domestic production is accelerating.

THK demonstrated its solutions at SEMICON China 2024.

Offerings for Semiconductor Equipment

Specifically, the LM Guide achieves ultra-high-precision positioning. Further, it contributes to faster, more compact, and more rigid equipment. Also, semiconductors are manufactured in a harsh environment. Thus, the company responds to various requirements by changing the material of the LM guide according to the process.

At this year’s SEMICON China, THK also focused on its OMNIedge offering, which attracted attention as a solution that reduces losses on the manufacturing line and contributes to maximizing overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

OMNIedge will be available to the Chinese market. Moreover, it will be installed in LM guides and ball screws to visualize the condition of components and prevent equipment failure.

Tatsuo Sato, Deputy General Manager, Sales Division, THK (china) Co., Ltd., said, “Equipment failure during the semiconductor manufacturing process leads to the loss of expensive wafers. Predictive maintenance is important in the semiconductor field, and OMNIedge is receiving strong inquiries in the Chinese market.”

Tatsuo Sato, Deputy General Manager, Sales Division, THK (china) and OMNIedge

Strategic Base in China

In China, THK manufactures various products at its two plants in Dalian, as well as in Wuxi, Changzhou, and Guangzhou. The company provides prompt and attentive services, including the delivery of products manufactured in China to the domestic market.

Sato commented, “The Chinese market is an important market for us as we continue to promote domestic production of semiconductors. Amid robust investment prospects for the semiconductor field, the technology is becoming more and more advanced every day. We will continue to grasp the needs of our customers in detail and contribute with our advanced technology.

This is an English translation of an original Japanese article published in Dempa Shimbun Daily.

-23 April 2024-