RobotShop Launches New Robotics Integration Service

Canadian company, RobotShop Inc., a leading source of robotics technology, has launched its comprehensive Robotics Integration Services. Primarily, it aims to transform the landscape of industry automation by providing the next level of robotics solutions, servicing, integration, and support.

The Robotics Integration Service program aims to transform the automation industry landscape.

RobotShop is the #1 source for everything robotics. It has channeled two decades of expertise into crafting a new program designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. Mainly, the Robotics Integration Service will be integrated into the RobotShop marketplace, launched in 2020. Accordingly, it will offer a single doorway for customers seeking comprehensive robotics solutions. Primarily, this new initiative is designed to cater to businesses across various sectors. It aims to provide robotics solutions, servicing, integration, and support that ensure customers incorporate robotics easily and effectively into their businesses and operations.

Coleman Benson, a long-term employee, engineer, and robotics expert, will take the reins of this initiative. He started at RobotShop in 2007 and has touched nearly every technical aspect of the company, from technical support to product discovery and design to managing the R&D projects of the Lynxmotion unit.

“With the launch of our Robotics Integration Program, we are excited to offer a new level of support that meets the specific needs of our clients,” said Coleman Benson, Robotics Integration Program Manager. “Our goal is to make robotics accessible and beneficial to all, ensuring our clients not only keep up with technological advancements but lead the way in their respective fields.”

Mainly, the company understands the unique needs of different robotics industries. Thus, RobotShop’s Robotics Integration Program offers specialized services ranging from guided product selection support to training, installation and servicing. Particularly, the program aims to equip businesses with sophisticated, yet user-friendly robotic systems that streamline processes and reduce operational costs.

“Since introducing the RobotShop Marketplace, we’ve witnessed a rapid expansion in the diversity of products in our catalog. We’re now seeing that our customers are increasingly in need of integration services,” said Mario Tremblay, CEO and founder of RobotShop. “It makes perfect sense to integrate these services directly into our platform as our vision for RobotShop is to be the singular gateway for any robotics solution, including local integration services and support. Thus, RobotShop is evolving into an important ecosystem that, in the decades to come, will create thousands of future-oriented jobs.”

Moreover,  RobotShop commits to fostering a collaborative environment where global talent can contribute to the advancement of robotics integration. Mainly, the program is open to potential partners and contract workers worldwide, encouraging a diverse range of perspectives and expertise.

-03 May 2024-