Japan’s Automation Gets Boost With New Alliance

NEXTY Electronics Corporation has entered in the robot system integration business to boost automation. To make this happen, the company sealed a business alliance with JAPAN SUPPORT SYSTEM Ltd. (JSS), which is one of the largest robot system integrators in Japan’s northern Kanto region.

NEXTY Electronics noted the significant challenges the manufacturing industry is facing amid the COVID-19 pandemic and other unpredictable environmental changes. Rapid decisions, it noted, is necessary in response to such changes.

Robot systems reduce time to market and improve work efficiency.

Increase Production Flexibility

Japan’s Ministries of Economy, Trade, and Industry and of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology recently released a white paper on Manufacturing Industries Monodzukuri. The white paper discussed on the need to increase Japan’s digital transformation. NEXTY Electronics supports the pressing need to promote digital transformation among Japanese companies.

The company also noted the increasing demand for automation and the use of robots. This will somehow help resolve social challenges Japan is facing, such as ageing society. At the same time, it will be vital for companies to build a manufacturing infrastructure that can reflect the results of decisions in production activities in real time to meet market demand.

These challenges prompt the needs for Japanese companies to realize mass customization and increase production flexibility through digital transformation.

Supply chain management and logistics improvement solutions utilizing high precision indoor positioning sensors

Meets Customers’ Automation Needs

As the robot system integration business will play an increasingly significant role in the future, NEXTY Electronics has invested in JSS. JSS develops and manufactures automated devices and robot systems.

JSS is also an executive member of Team Cross FA, Japan’s first robot system integrator consortium that provides customers with a complete range of services and support, from digital simulations and conceptual designs, to device development, manufacture and maintenance. Through this alliance, NEXTY Electronics will also join forces with two other Team Cross FA executive members. They are FA Products Inc., which is into production simulation technologies and plans digitization of factories, and Office, Co. Ltd., which offers control and IT technologies.

By combining its global network and portfolio of robotics and digital factory technologies with JSS and Team Cross FA’s extensive knowledge, NEXTY Electronics will provide flexible system solutions that meet the various needs of customers.

With JSS’s know how related to building digital factories and NEXTY Electronics’ wide range

of electronics technologies, the two companies aim to contribute to solve challenges Japanese manufacturers are facing, accelerate digital transformation, and improve customers’ productivity and creation of new business.