Advanced AI, AR Technologies Bolster Robot Solutions

Taiwan-headquartered Solomon Technology announced the world’s first AI Intelligent Augmented Reality Vision System and pure AI software operation multi-arm robot solution. The company made the announcement at the recent 2022 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition held from Dec. 15 to 18.

Photo 1: Cheng-Lung Chen President of Solomon Technology

Saves Manhours, Reduces Human Errors

The new AI Intelligent Augment Reality Vision System comes equipped with augmented reality (AR) glasses and powered by Solvision, an AI-powered solution Solomon developed for defect and pattern inspections. Using the AR glasses, operators can make use of the voice control function of the system to perform specific command applications. These commands include defect detection, process guidance, and number counting.

Because of AI, the system can create process modeling easily without the need of the conventional and time-consuming 3D graphics process.

In an interview, Cheng-Lung Chen President of Solomon Technology said, “AR is often used in factory process guideline. However, it is unsure whether the appropriate implementation is in place. Consequently, the integration of AI enables real-time check on the operation of on-site personnel and the accuracy of machine pick-and-place actions for effectively saving manpower, lowering the technical threshold, and reducing human errors.”

Photo 2: AI+AR vision system for coffee capsule identification

Increases Capacity, Shortens Operation

At the 2022 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition, Solomon demonstrated the importance of real-time AI compute technology and 3D visual guidance. As such, these two solutions enabled its multiple-arm robot solution to perform tasks in the same workstation without the danger of collision.

Photo 3: Multi-Arm robot solution demonstration

Compared to single-arm solution, Solomon’s multi-arm robot solution can effectively increase production capacity and shorten consuming time under simultaneous operation. In addition, the system adopts an open architecture to support major global robotic arm brands, an ideal solution for Industrial use parts loading and unloading or Logistics industry picking applications.

Conducts Defect, Pattern Inspections

When multiple items are randomly placed together, the suction gripper may be too large or too small to pick. Moreover, Solomon’s demonstration showed how its patented vision-controlled gripper utilized 3D vision to gauge surface size, identify the object items, and activate different numbers of nozzles to achieve stable gripping to ensure high picking rates.

Photo 4: Solomon Vision Robotics

Solomon’s demonstration included 13 latest applications to help customers achieve smart manufacturing upgrades. Working with its system integrator partners worldwide, Solomon has experienced continued growth under pandemic circumstances and expanded these applications to various industries including electronics manufacturing, pharmacy, zipper, semiconductor, tire, and other industries.