FAE Supports Equipment, Materials Makers to Produce High-Value Added Products

Factory-Automation Electronics (FAE) Inc. is a manufacturer of controllers for items with long rolls with Kenichi Tashima as president at the helm. FAE has been developing one-of-a-kind products, such as non-slip-type wire drawing machines. It leverages its control technology nurtured over more than 20 years for this development. The company has established itself as a vital manufacturer for the processing of various materials for scroll materials.

FAE has a demonstration plant in Suita, Osaka Prefecture. Visitors at the plant can experience the company’ controller-related products. It also has a base in Taiwan to promote its products globally.

Factory equipment for demonstration and development equipment

Develops Non-slip-Type Drawing Machine for Ultrathin Metal Wires

Company highlights

FAE was established in Sept. 2000. Since its founding, the company has honed control technologies to handle long-scroll materials, including wire materials, such as metals, fibers, and optical fibers; and sheet materials, such as paper and films, with high-precision tension and speed.

In 2014, the company established an overseas base in Taipei in Taiwan. In 2016, the company relocated its office to the present headquarters in Higashi-yodogawa-ku, Osaka in Osaka Prefecture. The company also built a plant for demonstration of equipment in Minamisuita, Suita-shi, Osaka Prefecture in the same year.

Sales in the term ending Dec. 2021 grew 30 percent over the previous fiscal year. The company expects sales in the term ending Dec. 2022 will increase slightly over 2021.

Drawing machine development

FAE has developed a tension and speed controller dedicated for long scrolls. With this, the company has developed and released the industry’s first non-slip-type wire drawing machine for ultrathin metal wires. This machine has achieved winding and unwinding works at preset speed and tension with highly accurate control.

The company has commercialized related products leveraging control using precision control system and knowhow it has accumulated over many years. By offering these products, FAE supports equipment manufactures and materials manufacturers to produce high value-added products.

Develops One-of-a-Kind Products Using Original Technologies

The number of companies returning their manufacturing activities to Japan has been increasing, and sales in Japan account for about 90 percent. Sales of controllers for medical products have been steadily increasing.

“Needs to promote manufacturing ‘faster, more precisely, and in lower tension’ have been growing,” says Takeshi Matsunaga, General Manager, Sales Engineering Department of FAE.

Takeshi Matsunaga, General Manager, Sales Engineering Department, FAE

FAE offers tension and speed controllers, unwinding (delivery, feeding) machines, winding machines, rewinding machines, and non-slip-type wire drawing machines. The company also manufactures customized products.

In 2020, the company released the D3ULTUF-10DS non-slip-type wire drawing machine for ultrathin metal wires. It features space saving and is priced 20 percent lower than its predecessor. The drawing machine is optimum for wires with finished wire diameter of 10μm and thinner. Thus, the company continues to create one-of-a-kind products using its original technologies.

FAE’s products, including new products, can be experienced at the company’s plant for demonstration located in Minamisuita, Osaka Prefecture. At the plant, an environment is put in place to allow visitors to see how a set of machines can be installed in a plant. These include unwinding machine, winding machine, and rewinding machine, as well as the new non-slip type wire drawing machine. In addition, a series of compact desk-top machines that realize high precision unwinding and winding control are also on display. Visitors can check space-saving installation as well. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company invited customers from abroad to demonstrate the operation of machines, according to Matsunaga.

Eyes Expansion of Overseas Market

At present, FAE serves customers in China, Korea, the United States, and countries in Europe, through its base in Taiwan. The company has been making efforts to increase overseas sales. To this end, it has become imperative for the company to participate in exhibitions held overseas. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the company participated in Wire China – International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair, and related exhibitions held in Germany. The company intends to actively participate in these exhibitions in the coming years, in anticipation they will take place physically.

Overseas sales in the term ending Dec. 2021 increased more than 30 percent over the previous fiscal year. “We have success cases of concluding deals from participating in overseas exhibitions as a start. We will actively take part in overseas exhibitions as long as they are held,” said Matsunaga. The company also improves its business performance through collaboration with business partners in China.  Its Minami-suita plant promotes feels of the functions of its products to customers around the world online using Web cameras.

FAE intends to strengthen proposals to the medical equipment industry, as well as to the cable and semiconductor industries. The company will also focus on machines for robots.

FAE Inc. provides full line-up machines for wire drawing, annealing and rewinding process, necessary to bonding wire manufacturing.

One-die Wire Drawing Machine for element wires FED-01D
Wire Drawing Machine for medium sized wire D3ULTM-10D
Wire Drawing Machine for ultra-fine wire D3ULT-10D
Two-line-type Heat Treatment Machine for ultra-fine wire SD-RW2F-N
Rewinding Machine for Bonding Wire BW-RW4B