New System Offers Unique Way to Components Delivery

Recently, cloud services have been becoming mainstream in managing delivery of components in the automotive manufacturing industry. For example, Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Panasonic Holdings Corporation (HD), made such service to Toyota Mobility Parts Co., Ltd. (TMP).  

Panasonic Connect handles systems for companies. Meanwhile, TMP, whose location is in Aichi Prefecture in Japan, supplies components in the Toyota Motor Group. This service helps solve problems experienced by the logistics industry, such as the shortage of drivers and addressing environmental protection issues. 

Panasonic Connect explains the mechanism of joint delivery. Whether received components match delivery destinations can be confirmed using QR code and a terminal.

Meets Needs of Logistics Industry

In April, TMP introduced Delivery Visualization Solution. Here, the system links the operation manager’s computer and the driver’s terminal via the cloud server. Hence, allowing real-time image and delivery scenario.

Consequently, the company already started the operation of this solution at its Tochigi Branch located in Japan’s Tochigi prefecture. The company plans to expand the deployment of the solution in stages.

Particularly, TMP attaches the Toyota standard shipment label to goods delivered by multiple manufacturers and stored in TMP’s warehouse. When drivers load goods on their trucks, it reads QR codes on the goods using a special terminal.  Next, it also reads data stored in the cloud. Thus, allowing the operation manager to grasp the delivery situations.  Drivers read in QR codes at delivery destinations as well to prevent errors in delivery. 

Toyota Mobility Parts has introduced “Delivery Visualization Solution”.

The output of the delivery results is in comma-separated values (CSV) data format. Hence, the solution will reduce labor to input job daily reports and create bills. 

Earlier, in 2017, Panasonic Corporation acquired Zetes Industries SA, an innovative Identification Solutions and Supply Chain Technology company in Belgium. Thereafter, the company made it a wholly owned company. In 2018, Panasonic started offering delivery visualization solution, which combines its visualization system for delivery site and highly durable terminals and support.  Moving forward, Panasonic intends to meet the needs of the logistics industry, including delivery operation with higher efficiency. In other words, merging its experience and know-how in the supply chain field and Zetes’s technological expertise.