Collaborations Make New Mark in Industrial Infrastructures

In the manufacturing industry, collaborations among industry players, the government, and the academe have been advancing. Research findings done by universities and combining them with manufacturing companies’ technological resources are paving the way for new industrial infrastructures.

Although industry-government-academia partnerships are not new, recently, the output of these collaborations have become diversified to include human resource development and advance joint research beyond manufacturing technologies. 

Yaskawa Technology Center, Yaskawa Electric’s base for open innovations, such as industry-government-academia partnerships. Yaskawa Electric has been collaborating with Kyushu University.

Eyes Global Development, Regional Contribution

Yaskawa Electric Corporation established in March Yaskawa Technology Center (YTC) at its head office in Kitakyushu-shi in Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture to concentrate the group’s technological development and accelerate open innovations through industry-government-academia collaborations. As part of efforts to use the center for research and development and human resources development, the company agreed in June on a comprehensive partnership with Kyusyu University. 

So far, Yaskawa has set a theme for each joint project with the university, such as the development of control technology for industrial robots.  This time, the company has further intensified its relationship with the university and aims to create synergy in wider scope beyond joint researches. Hiroshi Ogasawara, Representative Director and President of Yaskawa Electric Corporation, says, “We will establish a relationship that enables sustainable growth and becomes advantages for both of us in a wide range of activities, including development of leading-edge technologies, collaborations in different fields, and development of human resources.  We aim to achieve each other’s vision in addition to global development and regional contribution.”

Tatsuro Ishibashi, President of Kyushu University, says, “Through the partnership, we would like to accelerate open innovations in a wide range beyond research and development, setting our sights on technological exchanges through dissemination of advanced technologies, students’ internships, and university courses and other programs.”  

Develops Drones for Agriculture

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has been actively promoting industry-government-academia partnerships.  By strengthening its partnership with Shizuoka University, Yamaha has signed a contract to establish joint research courses, aiming to solve issues early and create innovations using comprehensive findings of Shizuoka University.

Shizuoka University promotes the development of regional industries and the development of human resources by directly knowing the needs of the industry. In the development of industrial drones for smart agriculture, Yamaha collaborates with Shizuoka Professional University of Agriculture, which was founded in 2019 as a formal university.  Yamaha has been strengthening the partnership through the support of the university’s practical trainings of industrial drones. 

Yamaha Motor has been strengthening partnership with Shizuoka Professional University of Agriculture in the development of industrial drones for smart agriculture.

Furthermore, jointly with the co-research group, Yamaha, along with the Faculty of Engineering of Shizuoka University, Tokyo Denki University, and other organizations, has succeeded in the formation of a hard nitride layer on the surface of titanium alloy without heating it in a short time.

FUJI Corporation has invested in the social bonds (62nd Japan Student Services Bond) issued by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). The JASSO is a core institution, which leads the support of students.  It aims to provide an appropriate environment for students studying at Japanese universities and institutions, and contribute to the development of creative human resources who have a wealth of humanity and lead the society in the next generation, as well as to the improvements of international mutual understanding.

The funds raised by the issuance of the bonds, to which FUJI has invested, will be used to finance scholarship loans that are part of the scholarship program provided by JASSO.

Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. has been helping to discover motivated talents who work to create new businesses applying photonics technology of the Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries (Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture). 

The Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries was established in April 2005 as a graduate university for working adults.  It provides specialized knowledge relating to photonics technology and management to students who seek to develop technologies and cultivate businesses to nurture human resources who aspire to create new industries that apply photonics technology. 

In 2013, the Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries, Hamamatsu Photonics, Shizuoka University, and Hamamatsu University School of Medicine signed a joint declaration targeting leading-edge study on photons toward the achievement of “Preeminent Photonics City, HAMAMATSU,” including exchanges with researchers around the world.  As part of efforts, they will hold “Photonics Challenge 2022, a business event to recognize creative business plans.  Persons in charge from major manufacturers, financial institutions, and investment firms will be invited to the final examination meeting as observers, providing opportunities that can lead to business partnerships and supports in the future.  After the completion of the contest, the Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries will take the lead in continuous support of the winners to materialize their business plans.