ASMPT Opens First Advocacy Center for Electronics Manufacturing in Vietnam

ASMPT, a leading global supplier of hardware, software and service solutions for the integrated smart factories in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry, has opened its new Hanoi office. This is the industry’s first customer advocacy center in Vietnam. Specifically, the center provides complete customer support for both SEMI and SMT sales, service, applications, and training facilities. The company is present in more than 30 countries in the world supporting customers in various industries.

Since the establishment of the first ASMPT office in Vietnam in 2016, its employees have grown from four to 55 today. The company has now moved into new premises in Hanoi to provide optimum support for its numerous customers from the SEMI and SMT sectors. The ceremonial opening on November 4 was personally conducted by ASMPT Group CEO Robin Ng.

ASMPT Group CEO Robin Ng (3rd from right) and the local management opening the new ASMPT Hanoi office.

Vietnam as Rising Manufacturing Center

In his opening speech, Ng underlined the special potential of the Vietnam market regarding the steadily increasing global demand for silicon and electronics, “Vietnam is positioning itself well to serve the global market, being home to many thriving local and international companies in the high-tech manufacturing space. The new Vietnam customer advocacy center we are officially opening today brings together both our Semiconductor and SMT Solutions teams under one roof, providing an ASMPT ‘one-stop’ location for all our solutions and for all our customers in Vietnam.”

Ng thanked the ASMPT Vietnam team for the strong performance over the years and the transformation into a widely known and well-respected solution partner for customers in all areas of semi and SMT manufacturing in the country. He concluded with a clear commitment to the Vietnamese market, “Your business is in good hands with us, and we will continue serving you well. ASMPT is here in Vietnam to be a strong partner and resource for you, our customers.”

Robin Ng personally conducted the grand opening ceremony and underlined the special potential of the Vietnam market.

Industry competence: Sales, Service & Support

In particular, Vietnam is a production base for semiconductor and SMT companies from all around the world. The ASMPT team in Hanoi does not only support the Hanoi region but also Vietnam as a whole, directly and together with its large, experienced partner network. The company is always ready to support its customers, no matter where they are located.

The SEMI business segment differentiates itself by leveraging cutting-edge technologies that help customer achieve competitive edge and faster time-to-market. It offers a diverse product range from bonding to molding and trim & form to the integration of these activities into completed in-line systems for the microelectronics, semiconductor, photonics, and optoelectronics industries. SEMI provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that satisfies customer needs for performance, reliability, and value.

The SMT business segment works closely together with customers and partners towards the Integrated Smart Factory by providing industry-leading solutions. These include best-in-class hardware equipment, Smart Shopfloor Management Suite WORKS and the highly acclaimed modular, flexible, and vendor-independent Open Automation concept. The team also progresses after-sales services towards the digital world with ASMPT’s Service 4.0 initiative. This includes Remote Smart Factory, Webshop, ASMPT Academy, and Factory Equipment Center. The after-sales capability is enhanced by a training and demo center, head care services, spare parts room, and bonded warehouse.

Uniquely armed with the in-house expertise of both SEMI and SMT technologies and processes, ASMPT leverages on the leading positions of both segments. This aims to further the development of solutions in tandem with needs brought about by the continuous advancement of semiconductor and SMT manufacturing processes.