Saki Touts Advanced Total Inspection Line Solution

Saki Corporation will highlight its Total Inspection Line Solutions range of SPI, AOI, and X-ray inspection machines at productronica 2023 in Munich, Germany, next month. Accordingly, the company, an innovator in the field of automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment, will also highlight other solutions that enable today’s efficient and cost-effective smart factories.

Saki will feature live demonstrations of its innovative high-speed and high-accuracy SPI, AOI, and AXI machines. In addition, it will also highlight its bottom-side 2D AOI and X-ray inspection capability for back-end PCB assembly. Thus, booth visitors will experience first-hand Saki’s innovative range of machines with superior M2M communication for streamlined product inspection.

Moreover, the company will also have its latest software and hardware optimization features. Particularly, those that will ensure lower maintenance, user-efficient, and easy on-site upgrades for flexible and futureproof production planning.

Inspection Machines

The 3Di-LS2 and 3Di-LS3 are powerful 3D-AOI models equipped with 12μm and 15μm camera heads, perfect for today’s SMT line manufacturing process requirements. Their design aims to increase productivity, efficiency, and quality.

Furthermore, closed-loop technology, dual servo motor drive, high-resolution linear measurement, and sturdy gantry design ensure pinpoint precision and repeatability. Both AOI machines come with Saki’s innovative Z-axis control head and side camera feature. Thus, demonstrating the Saki Total Inspection Line Solution concept’s versatility and flexibility.

The latest award-winning 3D-AOI 3Di-LS3 machine provides high-speed, high-performance inspection. It offers increased height measurement and resolution with its updated camera system and accurately inspects extremely small and tall components. As well as achieving the industry’s fastest cycle time, Saki’s latest AOI solution offers the highest scalability, quality assurance, and productivity.

Meanwhile, the 3Xi-M110 v3 – Saki’s latest 3Xi-M110 v3 X-ray inspection solution features Saki’s optimized Planar CT software developed in-house. With highly accurate void measurement and detection for both PCBs and components, this 3D-AXI machine delivers excellent quality assurance.

Also, Saki will feature the 3Si-LS2 – The 3Si-LS2 SPI machine with 12μm camera head can support large PCB sizes up to 500x510mm. Moreover, with unified hardware and software, machine operators enjoy a seamless transition between platforms. Thus, resulting in a superior experience that reduces costs and increases overall satisfaction.

Meanwhile, representing Saki’s 2D AOI range, a 2Di-LU1 machine features bottom-side inspection for increased line productivity and Saki’s distinctive line scan technology.

Smart Factory

Smart automation with Saki’s products improves quality assurance accuracy, lowers maintenance time, and improves operator performance. Productronica visitors will be able to experience Saki’s latest Smart Factory innovations.

Among them is the QD Analyzer v4 , the latest version of Saki’s software. Accordingly, this software is crucial in smart factory systems. Particularly, it enable operators to intuitively monitor the machine status, record inspection results, and perform statistical analysis on data obtained from each machine within the production line. QD Analyzer plays a crucial role within the Saki inspection range, offering extensive reporting capabilities and providing real-time data.

Full Line Control Software Solutions

Saki’s software suite & line control systems demonstrate the company’s data-driven approach to continuous productivity improvement. Visitors to the Saki booth will experience the full IPC-CFX certified machine-to-machine connectivity capability and full line control enabled by Saki’s Offline Teaching station (BF2-Editor). In addition, they can also try the Verification station (BF2-Monitor) and Multi Process View (MPV).

Further live demonstrations will highlight the power of Saki’s BFX Software for the 3Xi-M110 and 3Xi-M200 AXI machines. Particularly, by presenting the ability to greatly enhance product quality and production efficiency, improve process troubleshooting and determine root causes.