Omron Taps Valiant TMS as System Integrator Partner

Omron Automation Americas has tapped Valiant TMS as new partner in its Certified Systems Integrator program. Valiant TMS is a full-service, global supplier of intelligent automation solutions in the automotive, aerospace, and heavy industry sectors. It has been in the industry for over 62 years.

A leader in digital transformation and Industry 4.0 integration, Valiant TMS has the systems, processes, resources, and capacity that make it an ideal partner.

Valiant TMS is now a partner of Omron’s Certified System Integrator Program.

“Valiant TMS brings exceptional expertise and credibility to customers. They have proven capabilities integrating the Omron Sysmac platform and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) across multiple applications, ensuring customers stay ahead of industry demands, production challenges and labor shortages,” says Peter Brouwer, Vice President of Sales, Omron Automation Americas.

Omron’s Certified System Integrator Program

The Omron Certified Systems Integrator program matches best-in-class solution providers with the technology, training, and resources required to deliver innovative and competitive solutions. With the rapid growth in automation technologies, manufacturers and business partners strive to deliver open and secure Industry 4.0 solutions that support flexible manufacturing and deliver a competitive advantage. The combined strength of this relationship solves customer challenges today. This is being accomplished while enabling more efficient, fully integrated systems that will successfully weather future demands.

Deliver Integrated Automation Solutions

For Omron, systems integrators play a critical role in designing and delivering fully integrated automation solutions. They also possess industry and application expertise in implementing the latest technologies from Omron.

“Today’s manufacturing operations have an increased need for flexibility and customizations. Turning to partners that have experience and expertise with advanced automation and AMR technology is key for plants leveraging Industry 4.0 to meet modern production requirements. We are excited to welcome Valiant to our program,” says Brouwer.

“Valiant TMS is proud to collaborate with Omron to develop intelligent automation solutions around the globe leveraging the latest technologies to create smart and sustainable factories for the world’s leading companies,” says David Bustamante, Vice President of Engineering, Valiant TMS.