New Robots Rate High on Speed, Accuracy

Nachi Fujikoshi Corp. has offered the MZ Series robots lineup following the launch of MZ07 in 2013. Since then, the company has promoted the product line’s expansion. Also, efforts have been made to deepen the market for small robots worldwide.

The MZ Series has earned a high reputation for industrial machinery, electric and electronics. It has been contributing to the improvement of productivity at manufacturing sites. Most recently, the company has introduced MZ07F and MZ07LF featuring higher speed and precision than MZ07. This was made in response to customers’ demands for higher precision to further improve productivity and scale down electrical and electronic components.

Additionally, the company will release the slim and lightweight MZ10LF for manufacturing sites where larger operating ranges are required above 7kg.

MZ07F (left) and MZ07LF (right) robots

Growth in Small Robots

In the field of manufacturing, improvement and efficiency have to be implemented by increasing productivity. On the other hand, productivity is driven by the need to alleviate labor shortages caused by decline in production age population and rise in labor costs.

Automation utilizing robots has been accelerating. Its growth is remarkable particularly in electric and electronic fields, thus introduction of robots has been rapidly expanding.

Highlight Features of MZ F Series (MZ07F/LF/10LF)

Designed for both light weight and high rigidity, the new products realize class-leading high-speed and high-precision operation. These main features contribute to improved productivity for customers.

In particular, MZ07F greatly enhances acceleration and deceleration performance through optimization of the inner structure. In continuous operation, tact time*1 was reduced by up to 43 percent compared to conventional products.

Moreover, wiring and piping required for various applications are installed as standard. By adopting a hollow structure, the robot body eliminates the need for external wiring and piping, improves convenience, and reduces the risk of interference with the surroundings.

The MZ F Series also highlights top-level and powerful wrist torque in the same class. It features high-level assembly of parts, including loading and transportation.

The products are also equipped with a dust-proof and drip-proof (equivalent to IP67) function as standard. They are compatible with environments where dust and water droplets are scattered. In cleanliness, they achieved Class4 by standards (ISO14644-1 standard) and meet requirements for the electric and electronic fields where high cleanliness is required.

MZ10LF: Top-Class Reach, Slim Body

Featuring weight of 10kg*2, MZ10LF is one of the lightest in its class. This new model is complimented by a slim body that realizes a long reach of 1,202mm. It supports various applications such as parts supply to machine tools and picking.

MZ10LF slim and lightweight robot

*1: In its program, the time for continuous operation with 7kg gripped and without a timer is shortened from 6.9 seconds of conventional MZ07, while MZ07F is reduced to 3.9 seconds.

2 Body weight 55kg, installation area 200×204mm, frame interfering radius R160mm)