Ushio Brings Out New Large Field Stepper for IC Package Substrates

In June 2023, Ushio Inc. started selling the UX-58112SC large-field stepper from the UX-5 Series for cutting-edge IC package substrates. The new product achieves world-class high resolution of L/S=3μm and substantially improved the overlay accuracy.

UX-58112SC large-field stepper

The UX-58112SC is the newest model of the large field stepper UX-5 Series for IC package substrates. This series has a worldwide market share of 90% in stepper exposure market. Specifically, this is used for the exposure of package substrates for semiconductors installed in a variety of devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Generally, the semiconductor market has made remarkable development in accordance with Moore’s law. Specifically, it states that the number of transistors in an IC double about every two years. Moreover, the miniaturization of transistors was approaching its limit in the 2010s. However, the market continues to expand thanks to the progress of packaging technology and the development of other new technologies. Among them include chiplet technology. As a result, the demand for miniaturization for package substrates continues to accelerate. Thus, the improvement of resolution and overlay accuracy has also become essential for lithography equipment.

Therefore, Ushio successfully developed UX-58112SC as a large field stepper for IC package substrates. Specifically, it achieved world-class high resolution of L/S=3μm. Also, it substantially improved the overlay accuracy, while maintaining the previous 250 × 250mm exposure field size and footprint. These were achieved by using the company’s expertise and experience accumulated in the IC package substrate industry over many years together with customers combined with its unique optical design technology developed since its foundation.

Specifically, UX-58112SC achieves higher productivity and yield than before. The company improved the resolution and overlay accuracy while maintaining the previous high throughput. With this, it eyes multi-layered and larger packages of the next-generation package substrates essential for the progress of IoT, 5G, and mobility.

As a leading company of large field steppers for cutting-edge IC package substrates, Ushio will contribute to the creation of a convenient and comfortable society with light.

Also, this product was awarded “JPCA Show AWARDS 2023” at JPCA Show 2023 held from May 31 to June 2 at Tokyo Big Sight. The award is presented to exhibitors who showcased outstanding products and/or technologies, and awardees are determined based on the following criteria: (1) creativity (uniqueness/originality), (2) potential for further development and future in the industrial world, (3) reliability, (4) adaptability to the times, and (5) form of expression (appropriate expression, concise and clear description at the time of application).