Saki Touts Advanced Total Inspection Line Solution

Automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment innovator Saki Corporation will participate in Smart SMT & PCB Assembly 2024 in Suwon, Korea from February 21 to 23. Particularly, the company will highlight how its inline total inspection line solutions and software innovations contribute to smart factories.

Saki is inviting show visitors to visit Booth I 102 to discover the company’s latest automated inspection solutions. Namely, the SPI, AOI, and the award-winning X-ray Automated Inspection System (AXI).

Saki’s advanced inspection innovation will be showcased on booth I 102 at Smart SMT & PCB Assembly 2024, Korea from February 21 to 23, 2024.

Broad Lineup, Solutions

As a total solution for in-line automated inspection for SMT processes, Saki will demonstrate its high-speed, high-precision automated inspection capability. Particularly, realized by the company’s latest hardware and software.

Alongside its co-exhibitors JS TECH and H&J Corporation, the Saki technology team will present the company’s latest equipment lineup for high-speed, high-precision SPI-AOI-AXI in-line inspection.

Among them is the 3Xi-M110 (AXI), the industry’s fastest automated X-ray inspection solution and winner of a Global Technology Award 2023. In addition, it will also showcase the 3Di-LS3 (AOI) advanced AOI with on-site camera module upgrade capability. It will also demonstrate the 3Di-LS2 (AOI), with 18µm resolution camera module.

Meanwhile, Saki will also highlight its 3Si-LS2 (SPI) same rigid gantry structure and drive unit as AOI providing high-speed, high-precision solder inspection. Finally, visitors will also get to see the BF-Sirius (2D-AOI) – benchtop 2D-AOI with UV illumination for conformal coating inspection.

Promotes Automation, Reduces Labor

In addition to its machine solutions, Saki will also present its versatile software suite which works with the equipment to form a total solution for quality inspection. Particularly, the One Programming / Saki Link function (reference exhibit). This is a software system for batch operation and centralized management of SPI, AOI, and AXI on a line-by-line basis.

Also, the QD Analyzer, Saki’s powerful SPC system contributes to improved product quality and productivity. Specifically, it accumulates and statistically analyzes the operating status and inspection results of all equipment on the production line. In addition, it will also present AI Solutions as a reference exhibit,   Saki’s unique integration of AI functionality.

Kim Kyu Seob, General Manager of Saki Corporation Korea Representative Office, said, “Our solutions help our customers solve their challenges by promoting more automation, reducing labor, and eliminating the need for specialized skills in the manufacturing process. We invite you to visit our booth for a complete overview of Saki’s latest solutions.”