Latest Products Propel Yamaha’s 1-Stop Smart Solution

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has a full lineup of high-performance surface-mount technology (SMT) machines. The company connects these machines using internet of things (IoT)/machine-to-machine (M2M) integration system, Intelligent Factory (Fig. 1), which employs leading-edge information technology (IT), through advanced M2M connection without black box. The thus constructed Intelligent Factory yields synergetic effects to realize an ideal concept, 1-STOP SMART SOLUTION.

Fig. 1: Intelligent Factory

Conditions for Achieving 1-STOP SMART SOLUTION

1-STOP SMART SOLUTION (Fig. 2) is achieved when the following three conditions are met:

• Knowhow and resources to develop and manufacture all main machines on the SMT production line by one brand.

• Each of these machines delivers top-level high performance as an individual machine.

• Synergy effect to connect individual machines on the production line to achieve advanced solution and added values realized only through the connection of one-brand machines.


Leading-Edge Products at the Core of 1-STOP SMART SOLUTION

YSP10 premium printer

The YSP10 premium printer features highest level of printing performance and full automation of changeover work as a high-end class solder paste printer.

Yamaha’s original 3S head (swing, single, squeegee) enables the squeegee attack angle during printing to vary by the unit of one degree using servo control. Hence, the YSP10 can control solder filling force freely and support the printing of through holes as well.

The YSP10 premium printer

It employs the single squeegee system and reduces quality difference between forward ad return paths. Removal and maintenance of the squeegee are also easy.

In addition, it significantly reduces the printing offset positional slippage due to the bending of the stencil during back and forth printing movement. At the same time, a stencil vacuum mechanism enables the substrate to adhere firmly to the stencil and enables stable printing. Thus, achieving high quality and high-accuracy printing (Fig. 3).

Furthermore, by reducing the transfer time and the optimization of the dynamic layout, the printing cycle time, including mask cleaning, has been improved by about 20 percent. Thus, high throughput has been achieved.

Fig. 3: 3S head and stencil vacuum mechanism enables high-quality printing.

Meanwhile, Yamaha focused attention on the reduction of manpower in the printing process. The company has exploited newly developed automatic pushup pin replacement, automatic mask replacement, and automatic solder transfer functions, in addition to conventional functions, such as automatic program switchover, and the print stability control (PSC) system. As a result, the company has achieved full automation of changeover work. Thus, it has significantly improved production efficiency, while preventing human error.

The company has also improved basic performance and capabilities of the YSP10. It has expanded the size of applicable substrates and reduced the consumption of cleaning paper up to 80 percent.

YRM20 premium high-efficiency modular

The YRM20 is an innovative and state-of-the-art highspeed all-around mounter, which adopts the YR Series next-generation platform.  Particularly, it allows the selection of three types of heads in free combination. The three types of heads are the ultrahigh-speed rotary RM Head; the high-speed general- purpose inline HM Head, which has achieved the 1-head solution concept at a high grade; and the odd-form parts-compatible inline FM Head, which is focused on its capability to support a wide range of component sizes.

The YRM20 all-around mounter

Combination with the high-speed, high durability ZSR feeder makes it a top-grade model of the two-beam, two-head mounters, and features an outstanding mounting capability of 115,000cph.

At the same time, it has also achieved high accuracy mounting of ±25μm (Cpk≥1.0) through the adoption of the new X beam, which reduces thermal distortion. It supports the mounting of 0201mm-size ultrasmall components.

Furthermore, the mounter can be integrated with up to two equipment from two types of automatic tray supply system: one is the eATS30, which has significantly reduced downtime through advanced nonstop supply, and integrated supply; and two is the cATS10R, which features high cost effectiveness and compact size.

In addition, various components data creation assistance functions support quick start-up of the mounter when producing new products (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4: Various functions supporting components data creation for the YRM20

YRi-V 3D hybrid AOI system

The YRi-V automated optical inspection (AOI) system incorporates two-dimensional (2D) inspection, three-dimensional (3D) inspection, and four-angle image inspection functions in a single machine. Thus, it features general versatility. At the same time, it has also achieved industry-leading inspection capabilities with the adoption of a new inspection head equipped with a high-speed, high-resolution camera; and a high-performance graphics processing unit (GPU). This is a high-end 3D AOI system.

The YRi-V automated optical inspection (AOI) system

It features twice the measurement accuracy and measurement range of the company’s previous model. The improvements have been achieved using a new 3D projector, and the adoption of a 5μm resolution lens, in addition to existing 12μm and 7μm resolution lenses. It is capable of high-accuracy, high-speed 3D inspections of 0201mm-size ultrasmall components and closely adjoining components with high resolution without being affected by the dead angles of components. At the same time, it delivers enhanced inspection capabilities for scratches, cracks, and chipped areas of mirror-surfaced components.

Furthermore, it also supports dual-lane lines and large substrates up to L610mm OP:1,200 × 610mm (L×W).

Moreover, it has simplified the creation, alternation, and tuning of inspection data, and significantly improved ease of use through the adoption of automatic functions, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5: Automatic functions by AI and deep learning improve ease of use.


Yamaha Motor will achieve 1-STOP SMART SOLUTION concept in a beautiful and smart manner. It will propel the system to provide further innovations to SMT factories at one-stop, targeting the creation of values surpassing customers’ expectations.